"Everything you've been told about building
an injury law practice is wrong"

The Untapped Gold on Your Website

Your time is precious as a trial lawyer.  Meetings, depositions and trials—and the occasional dinner with your family—take your time away from such luxuries as building the best lawyer website on the planet. You know adding content to your website is critical, but you just don’t have the time.

Adding a new blog post to your website EVERY DAY doesn’t have to be hard.  Use Google Analytics to pinpoint the top 25 most visited web pages on your website—these are web pages with evergreen content that have the most traffic. There’s no rule that you can’t republish an old piece of content.

Older Posts are Goldmines for More Traffic

Older posts are gold mines for gaining traffic–you can double your website traffic by refurbishing old posts. HubSpot gets 75% of their traffic from older posts with evergreen articles such as “How to Use LinkedIn”. And there’s no reason you can’t do the same.

If your blog publishes evergreen content, you reap the benefits of content marketing over the years.  Here are a few tips for refurbishing old content:

  • Lengthen the post (Google rewards freshness in search results) and update the information,
  • Refurbish your old content with images, infographics and video (Pinterest has images for free),
  • Add images to the most popular posts of the past and deep links to new posts on your website.
  • Link your top 10 articles in the right sidebar of every page of your website.

Evaluate your currently successful content, polish them and re-promote them for maximum impact.  Make updating old content a part of your editorial strategy, i.e., 2-3 article updates per week.  Show your older relevant pieces of content below every post.

Blogging on Auto-Pilot

Let’s say you want to post new content for your blog on a daily basis (or at least during business days).  Find your 60 best web articles, have your secretary add new images, and automate the blog posts to be sent as email newsletters to your blog’s subscribers. Voila! You’ve got new posts for your blog over the next 2 months.

You might have a few hundred evergreen articles on your website that are just waiting to be refurbished as blog posts. Just as HubSpot gets 75% of their traffic from old content, you need to unearth your best articles, refurbish them with images, links and video and build more visibility and traffic for the content by sending them to your email subscribers.

Your fans and followers love the fact that you’re kicking ass with 1,500 word articles on a daily basis (you don’t have to tell them you’re refurbishing your old content). You get to go back to what you love the most—practicing law—while you’ve got blog posts sent to hundreds, if not thousands, for your email subscribers every day.

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