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The Dream Manual

What’s Your Dream?

Purpose of the Dream Manual

We believe in the power of dreams and helping you achieve your dreams. But you may not wish to participate and if so, we respect your wishes. The Dream Manager program is optional and may not be for everyone.

For those who want to take the leap, this Dream Manual outlines the process for the Dream Manager program.

Your Dream Book

Begin by writing a list of 100 dreams in your Dream Book. Dream big and without limitation.

Next to each dream in your Dream Book, enter the date that you wrote the dream and when you plan to achieve it. The duration of a dream can be short-term (“ST”): less than one year; moderate-term (“MT”): 1 to 5 years; long-term (“LT”): more than 5 years. When you achieve a dream, mark the date in your Dream Book and add bigger dreams.

Glance through your Dream Book for a few moments every day just as a reminder of your dreams.

Your dreams may fall into any of 12 categories:

#1:   Physical: lifestyle habits, addictions, exercise

#2:   Emotional: relationships, security, helping others

#3:   Intellectual: reading, learning, continuous improvement tasks

#4:   Spiritual: peace with yourself

#5:   Psychological: overcome fears and insecurities, develop willpower

#6:   Material: home ownership, purchase a vehicle

#7:   Professional: a promotion, develop a new product/service, sales/income goals, join Toastmasters

#8:   Financial: become debt-free, investment goals, financial freedom

#9:   Creative: explore the arts, write a book

#10: Adventure: mountain climbing, exotic holiday, take scuba diving

#11: Legacy: instill values in your children, volunteer, charitable giving, save the world

#12: Character: develop patience, walk the talk, earn respect, be worthy of trust

Your Dream Manager

The Dream Manager will help in articulating your dreams and formulate a plan for achieving your short-term, moderate-term and long-term dreams. The Dream Manager will help you design a savings plan and assess your financial situation.

The role of the Dream Manager:

#1: Meet with every employee,

#2: Discuss and give permission to pursue their dreams,

#3: Avoid judgment,

#4: Provide tools and accountability,

#5: Develop a plan to achieve their dreams,

#6: Meet to review their progress

Your Dream Sessions

You will meet with the Dream Manager for 30 minutes once a month to discuss your future and dreams. You may want to add more ambitious dreams to the list at the monthly dream sessions.

“Just talking about our dreams moves us in the direction of them.”
Matthew Kelly, The Dream Manager

Your spouse and children can join in the Dream Sessions, and you may want your spouse and children to have their own Dream Book.

Our Dream Fund

$1k is deposited in the Dream Fund from every settlement.

For each goal that a settlement meets, an additional deposit of $1k is made for the Dream Fund. The 3 goals consist of the Settlement Goal, Legal Fee to Disbursement Ratio and Duration of the Lawsuit:

#1:   Settlement Goal: The settlement meets or exceeds the Settlement Goal for the case set forth in the Client/Retainer tab in Trialworks,

#2:   Legal Fee to Disbursement Ratio: The legal fee to our firm (after deducting referral fees) exceeds our disbursements by a ratio of at least 10/1,

#3:   Duration of the Lawsuit: The lawsuit is completed within 1 year and 6 months from the filing of the lawsuit until the first day of trial.

If all 3 goals are met, an additional bonus of $1k is deposited into the Dream Fund. When all 3 goals are met in a single case, $5k is deposited into the Dream Fund.

In addition to provide funding for dream grants, the expenses of the Dream Manager Program (i.e., fees of the Dream Manager, bank fees) are paid through the Dream Fund.

Dream Grants

Each employee can apply for a grant from the Dream Fund. The grant application should specify the amount being requested, the dream that the grant will be used to fund, and how the funds will be spent (i.e., airfare, hotel for trip). All participants in the Dream Manager program, including employees and management, vote to see who gets the grant.

The categories for grants are:

  • $250
  • $500
  • $1,000
  • $2,500
  • $5,000

A grant from the Dream Fund is not intended to pay all of the expenses of a dream, but to fund a portion of it, i.e., 25%-35% of the total costs. We want to be your partner in achieving dreams, but the bulk of the saving and planning will be up to you.

When a grant is approved from the Dream Fund, payment will be made directly to the vendor providing the service; you will not receive a check from the Dream Fund.

A Few Final Suggestions

Read Matthew Kelly’s book, The Dream Manager, and listen to the audio book—there is no better primer about the Dream Manager program.

Don’t be shy about talking to others about your dreams. There is nothing more powerful than sharing your dreams with others and asking them to hold you accountable.

You might want to celebrate moments of progress by posting photos of dreams achieved in our copy room or sharing them with your friends on Facebook. We all need to celebrate small moments of progress and as you conquer small dreams, move on to bigger and bolder dreams.

There are just two final questions you have to answer:

What’s your dream and why aren’t you living it?

Application for a Dream Grant

This application must be completed and submitted to John Fisher for requests for $ to be allocated to the payment of a dream. The applications will be reviewed and evaluated by all team members and a decision will be made by a vote.

Describe Your Dream:

Describe your dream, when you would like to achieve this dream (give dates) and why this dream is important to you.


Amount of $ for Grant:$_____________

Payments from the Dream Fund can be made in increments of $250, $500, $1,000, $2,500 or $5,000.

Purpose of the Grant:

Set forth how you intend to use the $ from the grant, i.e., buy airfare or hotel for trip, make down payment for purchase of house, etc.


Submit the Application for a Dream Grant to John Fisher.



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