"Everything you've been told about building
an injury law practice is wrong"

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Legal Leaders TV episode 149 – Introducing attorney John Fisher

Legal Leaders TV episode 151 – Getting organic results through website content

Legal Leaders TV episode 152 – Using DSS to add content to your website

Legal Leaders TV episode 153 – Objectives in redesigning John Fisher’s website

Legal Leaders TV episode 154 – Using a system to build and manage your law practice

1-Referral Partners


3-Speaking Engagements

4-County Bar Associations

5-Online Referrals

6-Books As Business Cards

7-Marketing Mindset and Myth

8-Embrace Failure and Build a Legacy

How to Choose the Right Lawyer for Your Case

One Time vs. Cultivating

Referral Sources Element 1

Referral Sources Element 2

Referral Sources Element 3

Getting Noticed

Cultivating Through Books

Grassroots Marketing

Different Thought Process

Automating Long Term Cultivation

Marketing Authority

1-Focusing On Ideal Clients

2-Comparing Marketing Mindsets

3-Targeted Marketing Case Study

4-Keys to Great Social Media Ads

5-Results of Good Key Elements

6-Results of Targeted Focus

7-Know What Your Numbers Are

8-Social Media Ad Approaches