“Everything you’ve been told about building
an injury law practice is wrong”


The Best Decision You Will Ever Make

Have you ever thought about joining a mastermind? Perhaps you’ve never found the right fit or it was too expensive or not convenient for your schedule. And there’s good reasons to avoid masterminds: some are too expensive, some have the same information shared at every mastermind and some have dishonest, unethical members. Any one of these more »

How to Win Your Next Malpractice Case using Surveillance Video

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Then, isn’t it even more compelling to show a video of what happened? Seeing is believing.  Plaintiff’s lawyers know the power of surveillance video for car wrecks and slip and falls cases, but what about medical malpractice cases? It’s time to re-think this. Surveillance video has the power more »

How to Define Your Law Firm’s Culture

Most lawyers will agree that the culture of a law firm is essential to its success. But what is the culture of your law firm? What are the values that define your law firm? If your team members cannot articulate your law firm’s culture, you don’t have one. This is why it is essential to more »

Why Every Member of Your Law Firm Should have a Scorecard

Every member of your law firm should have a number that measures their productivity. Why? If the team members don’t have a number to measure their productivity, they won’t know if their doing well. And that’s not good for you or them.“Our Paralegals’ Scorecard” is our policy for measuring the productivity of our paralegals. Our more »

Our Paralegal’s Top 5 Priorities for Trial Preparation

In preparing for trial, these are the top 5 priorities of our paralegal.  Each priority is essential for our success at trial. Think of the trial as if it is a Broadway play. Every moment of the trial should be carefully scripted and planned. If any of these steps are not performed, the trial will be more »

The Insider’s View of a Plaintiff’s Verdict

As the jury announces its verdict in the courtroom, the lawyer and his client embrace. Tears flow as the client releases pent up emotions. This moment is the culmination of years of hard work, setbacks and struggles during the discovery process and at trial and finally, a verdict that signals one thing: justice has been more »

3 Reasons Why Your Law Firm Should be in the Metaverse

Virtual offices are a place where lawyers can meet with clients for business or socializing.  In the metaverse, you can walk around—virtually— as if touring a gallery or museum. Law.com describes the metaverse as “the combined network of 3D virtual worlds in which people work, play and socialize.” You can purchase digital real estate in the more »

How You Can Become the CEO of Your Law Firm

This is the very first question you should ask when you open your own law firm: Do you want to be a CEO, manager or technician (practicing trial lawyer)? There’s no right or wrong answer and everyone will have a different answer.  And there are pros and cons to each choice. Chief Executive Officer: The CEO more »

An Appeal to Common Sense: Why Pretrial Court Conferences Should Remain Virtual

 If there is one lesson from the pandemic, it is that the courts should not return to the highly inefficient procedures that require lawyers to appear in-person for pretrial court conferences. In-person pretrial court conferences are an enormous waste of time and money for the judicial system as well as lawyers, their clients and defendants’ more »

The Secrets of a Streaker

The secret to success in any activity lies in consistency. Specifically, the consistency of doing small activities on a daily basis.  Progress will be slow at first, but over time, you will see results that would not have been believed possible. Where do you begin?  Pick an activity that can make a powerful change in your more »