“Everything you’ve been told about building
an injury law practice is wrong”


How to Stop the Cyber Thief Dead in their Tracks

There’s a good chance you’ve been hacked. Most lawyers are not protecting the information that they have been entrusted with, but any information that you retain is subject to being hacked.  Your fiduciary duty to your clients is the highest standard of care. Cyber security is constantly evolving and cyber criminals are continually becoming more innovative.  more »

How to (almost) Eliminate the Risk of Negative Google Reviews

What is the most common basis for a negative Google review?  90% of negative reviews are based upon lack of communication. Specifically, the client called the law firm on numerous occasions, but did not get a call back. The client feels that they are being ignored by their lawyer, and with no other recourse, they more »

How to Blow Away Your Competitors with Google Reviews

This phone conversation is almost a daily occurrence.  A new client calls your firm and after the initial chit-chat, you ask, “How did you find our firm?” Your new client is effusive in their praise for your law firm, “I found you on Google. Your reviews are AMAZING!” Your clients don’t trust what you say about more »

Why You Should Go Streaking

Many lawyers search for the secret that will launch them into instant success and a highly profitable law firm.  These lawyers jump around from one marketing gimmick to the next, or a trendy case management software, in a continual search for the one thing that will lead to a thriving law firm.  No one told more »

How to Make Your Wildest Dream Come True

You have wildly ambitious goals for your law firm. But do your team members know what your goals are?  No, they don’t. How can you achieve your wildest goals if your team doesn’t know what they are? You can’t. What if you could rally your team around the goals for your law firm?  Every day, your more »

Taking Back Control of Your Clients’ Medical Records

For way too long, healthcare providers—primarily hospitals–have been profiting from the sale of medical records. This has been a racket.  Upon receipt of a request for medical records, the hospitals print paper copies of the medical records and charge 75 cents per page.  For voluminous records, the photocopy fees can exceed $2k. Until January 23, 2020, more »

How Surveillance Video Can Win Your Case

This is how surveillance video can win your case.   A 74-year old pedestrian, while walking across the street, was seriously injured when she was struck by the front of a car while it was turning left onto a side street from State Route 9G in the Town of Hyde Park in Dutchess County, NY on May more »

How to Win Your Next Malpractice Case at the Defendant’s Deposition

Many plaintiff’s lawyers view the defendant’s deposition as simply an opportunity to gather information about the defendant’s position.  These lawyers ask a sundry of common questions at the defendant’s deposition, such as “who, what, when and how” and as one might expect, the defendant is well prepared to respond with benign responses that cast themselves more »

The Best Way to Create Systems for Your Law Firm

Does it seem that you answer the same questions over and over again from your team members? Do you get tired of onboarding new employees with the same procedures?  Can you imagine what it would be like if your law firm functioned like a well-oiled machine in your absence? You need systems and policies for every more »

An (Almost) Guaranteed Way to Lose Weight

About a year ago, I met a friend who I hadn’t seen in about a year.  As soon as I saw him, it was obvious my friend had lost a lot of weight.  My 40-year old friend went from  270 lbs. to about 205 lbs. in less than a year and the results were stunning.  more »