“Everything you’ve been told about building
an injury law practice is wrong”


9 Foolproof Steps for Mastering the Intake Process

​Intake is more important than marketing. If you haven’t mastered intake, you are losing clients RIGHT NOW. Your marketing dollars won’t generate $ unless you’ve mastered intake. The first step is documenting your intake process. Namely, what is supposed to happen when a new client contacts your law firm and who is supposed to do it. more »

How to Master the Art of Intake

 We can all agree that intake is critical for our law firms. If you don’t master intake, your marketing efforts don’t matter and you are losing potential clients every day. But the question is, what are you doing to improve your intake process? These are our firm’s 10 Rules for Intake and delivering an exceptional client more »

A Special Holiday Gift for You!

On January 8th, I challenged a friend, Craig Goldenfarb, Esq., to a game (“the Google Challenge”): the first law firm to 500 Google reviews wins. Both law firms began with a little more than 100 Google reviews. Craig owns an amazing 70-employee plaintiff’s law firm in South Florida and well, I don’t. Safe to say, I more »

The Magical Power of the Mastermind

The two partners of a start-up law firm were honest and scared. Turns out, one partner confessed that he wasn’t sure he had the $ to attend a mastermind.  But the two partners realized that the growth of their law firm had to be a priority, so they found the $ and time to attend more »

How to Win Your Next Trial During Jury Selection

It was my first trial. While the stakes were not particularly high, I had every intention of doing my best.  On a yellow legal pad, I had a list of every question that I intended to ask during jury selection.  One by one, I went through the questions during jury selection and repeatedly looked back more »

A Treasured Gift from a Father to His Son

As a senior in high school, I received a special gift from my father.   As I was about to leave my home for college, my father handed me a 14-page handwritten letter that contained his best advice for his son.  The letter contained quotes from Shakespeare, snippets from classic literature and candid confessions about things that more »

How to Become a Systematic Law Firm

​Ideally, policies should be created by the team member who performs the tasks. This team member knows the policy better than anyone. If the policy is retrieving medical records, the medical records “custodian” should create the policy. That said, I created most of the policies in www.Fisherpedia.com.  Policy creation is a continual work in progress. When more »

Your Game Plan for Getting Google Reviews

What is more important than Google reviews for your law firm’s digital footprint on the internet? Google reviews are digital gold. If your law firm has 467 Google reviews and your competitors in the Google Local 3-pack have fewer than 10 Google reviews, who will prospective clients call? You must have a dominant presence in the more »

How to Win Your Next Trial During Jury Selection

This was my first trial and I thought I was ultra-prepared and ready for anything. Little did I know.  Jury selection seemed to get off to a good start.  I had a yellow legal pad with a list of questions and I checked off the box as each question was answered by prospective jurors during jury more »

Ruthlessly Delegating Your Way To Freedom

Everyone is replaceable, even you. To become a highly efficient law firm, you must master the skill of delegation. Otherwise, in 5-10 years, you will be in the same place where you are today. There’s good news: you can get your time back. You can actually become a law firm owner, do the things you need more »