"Everything you've been told about building
an injury law practice is wrong"

Why the Pandemic is a Great Opportunity for You

With news seeming to get worse every day, it’s tempting to focus on the difficulties facing us. But that serves no purpose.  Keep in mind that almost everyone else is doing the same, and this is going to hurt them. Instead, focus on the opportunities that the pandemic presents. 

Now is the time that you can take advantage of these opportunities. Follow these 4 opportunities to create better systems.

#1:  Build Up Client Communication

Double down on phone calls and call every client immediately. Just check in with your current and former clients and let them know you’re thinking of them.

Every staff member must call 3 clients every day just to check in and say “hi”. Your clients will remember your phone call and know that they are not weathering this storm alone.  You will be amazed at what comes out of this; these phone calls will drum up new business.

“Put your foot on the pedal and build market share.”

--Harlan Schillinger

Your clients need your help now more than ever. What opportunities are there to improve communication with your clients?  

#2:  Dive More into Social Media with Authenticity

Take a leadership position.  Don’t sell; just be authentic.

“The greatest opportunity is to humanize yourself.”

--Harlan Schillinger

Reach out to as many people through as many means as you can. It costs nothing to do this through social media. Simply put out content in a positive way.  

#3: Look for Inefficiences in Your Law Firm

What can you automate?  Ask your employees, “What are 3 things you can do to improve your function or role?” Fine tune the training processes that you have.  

“People who work on their business prosper.”

--Harlan Schillinger

Have your staff create training videos, e.g., how to prepare a probate petition for the appointment of an administrator in a wrongful death case.

#4:  Publish More Content to Your Website

The only way you will improve your website in the search rankings is to write more content.  Publish a lot of content while you are working remotely. The content will be generating leads and cases 5 years from now. This is your time to create new content for your website.

And just remember, if you have to build your law firm again, you can and you will. Stop watching the news and focus on the opportunities that this crisis presents. And when the pandemic is over, your law firm will be more efficient and scalable.

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Leave a comment below telling me what surprised, inspired or taught you the most (I personally respond to every comment). And if you disagree with my take on running a personal injury law firm, or have a specific, actionable tip, I’d love to hear from you.