"Everything you've been told about building
an injury law practice is wrong"

The Best System for Communicating with Your Clients

Take a basket and fill them with index cards with the names and phone numbers of former and current clients. Even if you haven’t spoken to a former client in 10 years, put their name and cell phone number on an index card. This basket should be labeled “OUR CLIENTS”.

When you go to an appointment, bring 3-5 index cards with you. While driving to or from the appointment, call the clients (using Bluetooth) to check in, say hi and see how they’re doing.  Your clients will love the unexpected phone call, e.g., “It’s so nice for you to think of me”. And this check-in phone call will generate new clients, e.g., “It almost slipped my mind. One of the teachers at my school got in a car wreck last week. Would you mind calling them?”

When you’re done making the phone calls, place a large X across the index card and place it in a basket labeled, “CALLS MADE” in your firm’s conference room.  Then, document in a large board the number of calls you’ve made, e.g., “Monday: 4 Client Calls”. Even if the client does not answer their phone, your voice message counts as a client call.  Keep a daily tally of your client phone calls.

Now, ask your team members to do the same.  When they are driving to or from home, ask each team member to pick 3 index cards from the basket and call those clients. Your clients will love this special touch! With a staff of 4 team members, you’ve contacted 12 clients in just a single day and 60 clients in 5 business days. And that, my friend, is a client communication policy that you can’t beat.

Photo by Burst from Pexels

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