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What’s Your Legacy?

When Marcus Lemonis (star of the TV show, “The Profit”) began making serious $, he bought his mother a luxury car and mini-mansion. At first, Marcus’s mother held back her judgment, but after a while blurted out, “I didn’t raise you for this.” Marcus’s mother forced him to sell the car and house. Marcus’s mother raised him for a higher purpose than accumulating expensive toys.

Marcus raises the point, “What are people going to say at your funeral? Did you change their life? At my funeral, I hope they will say, ‘He changed my life.’”

Your job as a business owner is to leave a legacy. I don’t care about the size of it—I care about the impact.

Marcus Lemonis

What is the purpose in your life? If you can’t answer that, you should really try to. You can start by writing your own obituary. Writing an obituary will get you on the way to crafting the vision for your life.

John H. Fisher—Obituary (May 7, 2017)

On May 7, 2017, John Fisher passed away unexpectedly. John was survived by his wife, Hon. Lisa M. Fisher, and three children, Tim, Liliya and Alek.

John Fisher is considered by many to be the leading authority for the marketing and management of a personal injury law firm and is the author of three top-selling books concerning law firm marketing and management.

John Fisher’s greatest gift to the legal profession was the documentation of specific systems and policies for managing and marketing a seven-figure personal injury law firm. To this day, John Fisher’s systems and policies for law firm marketing and management are relied upon by tens of thousands of personal injury lawyers throughout the world.

Does your obituary contain wildly ambitious, over-the-top dreams? If not, it should. There’s nothing wrong with dreaming big–dreams are what make life worth living.


photo credit: Wade Brooks Martin Luther King, Jr Memorial via photopin (license)

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