"Everything you've been told about building
an injury law practice is wrong"


How to Hire Your Next Superstar

When it comes to hiring, lawyers suck! You hate the process of hiring, avoid it at all costs and let someone else do it. You don’t want to waste your time reviewing resumes and interviewing job candidates, when you’d rather be doing the “real” work of trying cases and meeting new clients. Huge mistake, my more »

Creating a System-Drive Law Firm…One Policy at a Time

Have you ever had a question that is brought up over and over again? You answer the same question, sometimes every week, and you wonder why your team keeps asking the same damn thing. When this happens, you need a policy. A policy (a/k/a system) is a clear instruction from you to your team about more »

Creating the Law Firm of Your Dreams

Picture this scene: A young lawyer is starting a new law firm and he doesn’t know where to start. The young lawyer is full of enthusiasm, but he’s got a limited budget and even less help. The young lawyer begs for help and wants to know, “What should I do first?” An experienced, highly successful more »

A Gentler, More Compassionate Way to Decline New Cases

Letters rejecting new cases are virtually identical. Most rejection letters read, “We cannot represent you and you better find a lawyer before the statute of limitations expires.” This letter serves the purpose of documenting your rejection of the new case, but you are losing a golden opportunity to show kindness, a little compassion and maybe more »

The Magic Formula for Getting Stuff Done

The Quick Launch Challenge is a 30-day program for getting stuff done. Think of the one thing you want to get done more than anything else, but just keep putting off and you’ve run out of excuses. It’s time for a change! You will work with a “coach” (a/k/a, a peer or member of your more »

Becoming a Dream Maker for Your Clients

Have you ever spent time thinking about your client’s goals and dreams? I know what you’re thinking, “My clients want a boatload of cash.” And you’re partly right—your job is to maximize the financial recovery of your clients. But what do your clients really want? Have you ever bothered asking? How to Discover Your Client’s more »

The Secrets of a Storyteller

For many speakers, a speech is simply a regurgitation of information. You spit out the information, add a fancy slide presentation and maybe even throw in some humor and you think you’ve done your job. Heck, your audience laughed at your jokes and applauded at the right times, so your speech must have been a more »

Why We Will NEVER Agree to a Confidential Settlement

Confidential settlements are bad for patients. We believe that lawsuits do much more than simply provide monetary compensation. Lawsuits improve the quality of standard of care for patients in the future. Unfortunately, confidential settlements deprive patients of the information they need to make an informed choice about their doctor or hospital. A Story of Fraud, more »

The Board of Trusted Advisors for Your Law Firm

There is only one way to describe the Mastermind Experience: It’s like having a board of trusted advisors for your law firm. Whenever you have a crucial decision to make, e.g., forming a partnership, switching to a new case management software or making a hiring or firing decision, etc., you’ve got a group of elite more »

5 Tips for Building a Speaking Empire

Marketing guru, Dan Kennedy, once said that all forms of marketing are equally good. While I love Dan Kennedy, I have to say, he’s dead wrong! No form of marketing comes close to public speaking for building credibility, authority and celebrity-status. Before you even step on the stage, you have the complete attention and admiration more »