"Everything you've been told about building
an injury law practice is wrong"

What Makes Your Law Firm Special?

The most successful law firms emphasize the personal and professional development of their staff.  When your team members know that you care about them—both personally and professionally—there is a higher level of commitment and dedication from your staff.  

What makes your law firm special and unique?  Is it the health insurance you offer?  What about the generous vacation and personal days? Let’s face it—almost all law firms provide these benefits.

What can you do that is unique from every other law firm?  Here are a few ideas:

Professional Coaching: Professional coaching at all levels. (Elise Buie, Esq.)

Random Acts of Kindness: “If I saw an employee do something great or just looked like a hard day, I hand out gift cards (Starbucks, movie, dinner).” (Nancy Roden, Esq.)

Kayla Rogers, Esq. pays for dinner for her employee’s families through Grubhub during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mobile Car Detailer:  “I pay for a mobile car detailer once a month. Everyone loves it.” (Jason O’Neal, Esq.)

Life Insurance: “My assistant is the beneficiary of a decent sized life insurance policy.” (Jennifer R. Pipen, Esq.)

Employee Recognition Day: Employees are prohibited from acknowledging boss’s day, which is instead created as “Employee Recognition Day”. (Doug Linn, Esq.)

All Expense-Paid Vacation: If we meet our annual revenue goal, I take our team and their loved ones on an all-expense paid 10 day trip anywhere in the world.” Chelsie Marie Lamie, Esq.)

Book Club:  $100 for book reports (Sandy Van, Esq.)

Massage Membership: Monthly membership for employees. (Gina Gilstrap, Esq. & Courtney Allen, Esq.)

Unlimited Delegation: I provide unlimited access to Pursuit Concierge to delegate tasks—“I want them to delegate, delegate, delegate.” (Elise Buie, Esq.)

Cluster “F” Thursday:  Brings in a dozen cookies for Cluster “F” Thursday. (Charlotte Erdmann, Esq.)

Domestic Plane Ticket: “We pick up the tab for all employees to buy a plane ticket and get away.” (Michelle Dellino, Esq.)

Close Early During Summer: “We close early every Friday from Memorial Day to Labor Day.” (Leah Barron, Esq.)

The Dream Manager Program:  We set aside $ from every settlement/Judgment and the funds are deposited into a separate savings account known as the Dream Fund.  The Dream Fund is used to partially finance the personal dreams of our team members. (Credit: Dan Ralphs)

Vacation Pay (“Vay-Cay Pay”):  “We give each person $1k toward a vacation each year.” (John Day, Esq.)

Wellness Budget:  Team members can use the wellness budget on whatever they need, e.g., gym, counseling, facials, acupuncture, etc. (Billy Tarascio, Esq.)

Pawternity:  Team members get 3 paid days off when you get a new pet to acclimate them to your home. (Jay Ruane, Esq.)

“Me Days”: Honor system, no questions asked. “If you’re tired, not feeling it, hungover, etc., and there is nothing pressing or deadline related that day, you can invoke a “Me Day” and take the day off.  No need for lying, making excuses, killing off a relative.” (Sonia Lakhany, Esq.) 

Birthdays Off:  Your birthday is a paid day off. (Brittany Littleton, Esq.)

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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