"Everything you've been told about building
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The Universe at Your Fingertips…One Tweet at a Time

On Twitter, you are just one Tweet from getting noticed. On Twitter, a lawyer can make it her mission to find all the right people in the media, e.g., bloggers, TV and radio producers, news reporters of legal publications, etc.

Four Steps for Building Relationships with Influencers

Do this—search, click, investigate and DM. Direct message (DM) the influencers in the media on Twitter. Make it your mission to find all the right people in your local media and send these influencers a custom-written direct message. Do not spam or cut and paste.

Step #1:     Build your media list on Twitter

Step #2:     DM them on Twitter

Step #3:     Become a regular and active presence in their Twitter feeds of the media

Step #4:     Reply to their Tweets

When people start commenting on your page or your content, you answer every single one, every single time. Only a fraction of the influencers you reach out to will respond, but when you get a response from a influencer, you’ve got their permission to begin an online relationship.

Deliver Value and Don’t Ask for Anything

News stations monitor Twitter closely for material. Start by looking at the trending topics and the “Discover” page. Produce great content around those trending topics and record a video of yourself talking about the topic.

Let’s say a news reporter wrote an article about a change in the law, e.g., the new date of discovery law (“Laverne’s Law”) in New York. Send a DM to the reporter in Twitter with praise for her article and record a video of yourself talking about the topic.

There’s no other platform that gives you this opening to introduce yourself to so many people so often. Don’t ignore it.

Gary Vaynerchuk, “Crushing It!

Even if you get no response, the reporter knows you’re paying attention and appreciative of her work. You might follow up by mailing a signed copy of your book with a handwritten note. This is a lot more than any other lawyers are doing and when she needs a quote, who do you think she’ll think of?

Your Assignment…If You Choose to Accept It

Think of someone who’d you like to get to know and think of thoughtful ways to engage and interact with the person. Once you think of some unique way to engage, DM the influencer on Twitter with a personal message.

Does this work? You won’t know until you try. For non-believers, check out this take from social media guru/trial lawyer, Mitch Jackson, Esq.:

Together with the DM feature on Instagram and Snapchat too, I’ve also been able to connect with some amazing peeps. One experience that comes to mind happened while watching Supercross.

A tweet by legendary race car driver, Mario Andretti, was displayed on the TV during a race. I tweeted and DM’d him (we were both fans of Ryan Dungy) and we ended up chatting during the race in real time via Twitter DM. Pretty cool experience!

This takes hard work, hustle and a long-term view. But keep in mind, there are no other lawyers doing this and with a little effort, you too might be chatting on-line with a rock star.


photo credit: Travelin’ Librarian Twitter bird via photopin (license)

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