"Everything you've been told about building
an injury law practice is wrong"


Why Every Lawyer Should Be on Facebook

Most lawyers don’t understand Facebook.  For most lawyers, Facebook and Instagram are mindless playthings for millennials and have nothing to do with the practice of law.  If lawyers want to bury their hands in the sand, it’s their loss. Facebook is everywhere.  Just check out these numbers:There are 2.41 billion active users on Facebook—74% of which more »

What Makes the Maximum Lawyer Conference ’18 Different

Almost every seminar is the same. The speakers are promoted as a one-of-a-kind “expert”, but most of them have never actually done what they preach. Truth be told, these “experts” might be decent speaking from the stage, but they haven’t accomplished a damn thing in the real world. And that’s why you can take everything more »

Little Things that Make a World of Difference

Every lawyer wants the shiny new object in marketing. The shinier, the better. But the fancy, new marketing toy inevitably disappoints and you end up back at the drawing board. Truth is, nothing works better than old school marketing. So, let’s brush off the marketing toolbox and go back to basics. These little tips can more »

The Secret Weapon for Marketing Your Law Firm

At a partners’ meeting at my former catastrophic injury law firm, one of the senior partners asks about my plan to write a book for lawyers. Unsure how the idea would be received, I tell the partners about my plan for a book with my best tips for marketing and managing a plaintiffs’ injury law more »

The Brutal Truth about Lawyer Marketing

Lawyers copy each other’s marketing tactics and figure that they should do what every other lawyer is doing in their town. WRONG! If you copy every other lawyer, you will be just like them: fighting for scraps and wondering where you will get your next case. What if you thought outside the box and spent more »

The Universe at Your Fingertips…One Tweet at a Time

On Twitter, you are just one Tweet from getting noticed. On Twitter, a lawyer can make it her mission to find all the right people in the media, e.g., bloggers, TV and radio producers, news reporters of legal publications, etc. Four Steps for Building Relationships with Influencers Do this—search, click, investigate and DM. Direct message more »

Livestreaming Your Ass Off

There is nothing lawyers do worse than social media. Trial lawyers boast about their big settlement or verdict and their 5k Facebook friends collectively roll their eyes. Here’s the problem: no one cares about you (except possibly your spouse). Bragging is boring, so how do you build a herd of raving fans who will crave more »

A Holiday Gift that Your Referral Partners Will Never Forget

When it comes to holiday gifts, lawyers think alike. Whether it is a box of nuts or a fruit basket, the holiday gifts are pretty much the same. Boring! Hey, the thought was good, but the gift gets added to a pile of goodies and quickly forgotten. What if you had a holiday gift that more »

The Hidden Truth About the Practice of Law

As our firm’s partners sat around a long table at the “all hands-on deck” meeting, the question was simple: how many trials do you have scheduled in the next 12 months? The news wasn’t what anyone wanted to hear. Each of the lawyers stare down while softly mumbling they only have a couple of trials more »


You’ve heard the expression a million times about internet marketing: content is king. Yesterday’s news, right? But creating educational content on your website is not the only thing that Google wants–search engine optimization (SEO) consists of CONTENT plus LINKS from authoritative websites. Who links to your site and how they link to it are more more »