"Everything you've been told about building
an injury law practice is wrong"

The Power of a Mastermind

September is national Self Improvement month.  And there is nothing more powerful for self-improvement than a mastermind.

The concept of a mastermind was introduced by Napoleon Hill. The mastermind concept was inspired by Napoleon Hill’s many conversations with the highly successful businessperson, Andrew Carnegie, who attributed his entire fortune and success to his mastermind group.

In his classic book, “Think and Grow Rich”, Hill described the mastermind principle as, “The coordination of knowledge and effort between two or more people who work towards a definite purpose in a spirit of harmony…no two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind”, also known as, the mastermind.

During a mastermind, the members raise the bar by challenging each other to create and implement goals, brainstorm ideas, and support each other with honesty, respect and compassion. 

Imagine being able to connect with other motivated people who inspire you to achieve massive success, and who are dedicating to holding everyone else in the room accountable for doing the same?  You gain tremendous insights which can improve your personal and personal life.

The Mastermind Experience Returns to our Nation’s Capital!

These are photos from our mastermind, the “Mastermind Experience”, which was held on Friday, September 6th, in Washington, D.C. (MastermindExperience.com).  A BIG thank you to our host, Seth Price, Esq.!  

During this mastermind, we had exceptional guest speakers, including preeminent trial lawyer, Patrick Malone, Esq., public speaking guru, Amy Port of Heroic Public Speaking and goal setting and accountability presentations from our members, Richard Hastings, Esq. and Nancy Cavey, Esq. 

Each member of the mastermind was put on the hot seat and challenged to tackle a specific challenge facing their law firm. And we got to have some fun with a post-mastermind dinner at the world famous, “Joe’s Seafood” and a pre-mastermind sunset cruise of our nation’s monuments on the Potomac River.

The Mastermind Experience Goes to Maui!

The next Mastermind Experience will be held in Maui on February 20, 2020.  You can apply at MastermindExperience.com.

I just have one question for you: Are you hanging out with the highest achieving lawyers who are doing things better and bigger than you?

If not, you might want to give the Mastermind Experience a shot. If you’re not chomping at the bit to join us, we’re probably not a good fit.


What They’re Saying…about the Mastermind Experience

“Once again, the Mastermind Experience was practice changing. I am so glad that I included my administrator in the process.”

John “Lin” McCraw, Esq., McKinney, Texas


“John—You put on an amazing event in DC. It was the best mastermind I have ever attended!

Richard P. Hastings, Esq., Ridgefield, Connecticut


“Thanks again for another great mastermind event! Your vulnerability and honesty create the perfect environment for a generous exchange of ideas and a no B.S. attitude.”

Griffin O’Hanlon, Esq., Norfolk, Virginia


“Your kindness, enthusiasm and attention to detail regarding the experience of the Mastermind Experience participants is extraordinary.  I am very grateful for your example and your friendship.”

John Markey, Esq., New Bedford, Massachusetts

Leave a comment below telling me what surprised, inspired or taught you the most (I personally respond to every comment). And if you disagree with my take on running a personal injury law firm, or have a specific, actionable tip, I’d love to hear from you.