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3 Simple Steps for Making Dreams Come True

Writing your dreams on paper increases the likelihood that you will achieve them.  A Harvard goal setting study in 1979 showed that prior to graduation:

  • 84% of the class had no goals at all
  • 13% of the class had set written goals, but had no concrete plans
  • 3% of the class had both written goals and concrete plans

10 years later, the 13% of the class that had set written goals, but had not created plans, were making twice as much money as the 84% of the class that had set no goals at all. 

However, the 3% of the class that had both written goals and a plan, were making 10X as much as the rest of the 97% of the class. Lesson learned: to achieve your goals they need to be written out and planned for. Without a plan, chances for success are minimal.

Become a dream maker by following these 3 simple steps:

Step #1Document Your Top 10 Dreams

Write your top 10 goals and add a specific date for completion of the goals.

By June 6, 2020, I will:

  • Weigh 165 pounds
  • Finish my third book, The Book of Hope
  • Retain 3 catastrophic injury, non-medical malpractice cases
  • Expand the Mastermind Experience to Austin, Texas
  • Launch my coaching program for lawyers
  • Run a marathon
  • Finish my audiobook, The Power of a System
  • Finish the Shock & Awe package for referring lawyers
  • Hire a full-time marketing director
  • Take Lisa and our kids to Russia

Step #2Create a Plan of Action for Your Top Goal

Circle the top goal that you want to achieve. I circled, “Launch my coaching program for lawyers”. Next, list the ten things you will do to achieve that goal.

  • Finish the Shock & Awe for referring lawyers
  • Create a website for the coaching program
  • Document the policies and systems for the coaching program
  • Hire a mentor for the coaching program
  • Expand and define the benefits of the coaching program
  • Hold accountability sessions with accountability partner
  • Accumulate testimonials from lawyers
  • Add testimonials to the coaching website
  • Create e-commerce to accept payments 

Step #3Get an Accountability Partner

Dreams and plans are a great start, but the odds are stacked against you without accountability.  A study by Statistic Brain showed most dreamers don’t get far before quitting:

  • 75% made it through the first week
  • 71% made it past two weeks
  • 64% made it past one month
  • 46% made it past six months

Sharing your goals with an accountability partner will keep you accountable.  Set regular (daily or weekly) accountability phone calls to check in with your partner and report on your effort level. This will virtually guarantee your success because you won’t want to report that you’ve done nothing.

And TAKE ACTION, even if it is a small step. Little actions lead to big results (and dreams that come true).

Thank you to our mastermind members, Nancy Cavey, Esq. and Richard Hastings, Esq., for your inspiring presentations about goal setting and accountability at the DC Mastermind!

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

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