"Everything you've been told about building
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The Best Way to Create Systems for Your Law Firm

Does it seem that you answer the same questions over and over again from your team members? Do you get tired of onboarding new employees with the same procedures?  Can you imagine what it would be like if your law firm functioned like a well-oiled machine in your absence?

You need systems and policies for every aspect of your law firm from the most basic office procedures, to litigation procedures and hiring and firing.  But all of your knowledge doesn’t help anyone unless it’s shared with your team. Your systems have to be shared on a website where new systems can be created daily and existing systems can be updated.

The best system-building tool is a wiki-style website, e.g., www.Fisherpedia.com, where you and your team members can create new systems and all of your systems can be shared with your team. You will never have to onboard a new employee from scratch again.  Why? All of your systems are set forth on your wiki-style website for new employees and they can learn everything about your procedures before their first day of work.

Need a form/template for a motion or pleading? Our law firm’s best legal forms (e.g., expert responses, motions, pleadings, etc.) are set forth in www.Fisherpedia.comFisherpedia.com is where we share everything we’ve learned.

How to Access Fisherpedia.com

Want to take a look at our wiki-style website?  You can view our firm’s policies and procedures by following these steps:

Step #1: Go to www.Fisherpedia.com

Step #2: Enter the sitewide password in order to access the main page

USER NAME: fisherpedia

PASSWORD: 278wall

You may need to re-enter the credentials a few times for the site to grant access for you.

Step #3:  After you are granted access, you will be brought to a page that looks like this: 

A screenshot of a cell phone  Description automatically generated

From here you can access all of www.Fisherpedia.com.

A Special Offer for You

Want to create a wiki-style website for your law firm? Fisherpedia.com was created by Brendan Ruane of LightSwitch Advisors (www.LightSwitchAdvisors.com) in Connecticut. Brendan has a special offer for those who want to create their own wiki-style website.

Go to www.LightSwitchAdvisors.com/online-knowledge-base/ and enter the discount code JFISHER in the “Coupon” when submitting your payment and you will receive a $500 discount toward your own wiki-style website. There is a one-time fee of $1,250 and no recurring fees.  BTW, I receive nothing for recommending this, I just believe a wiki-style website can help you create a self-managing law firm, just as it did for me.

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