"Everything you've been told about building
an injury law practice is wrong"

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Ever thought what it would be like to pick the minds of some of the most successful lawyers in the country?

Ever wonder what it would be like to get feedback and collaborate with the top lawyers in the country on your biggest marketing and management challenges?

By joining the Mastermind Experience, you can leverage the successes and best practices from some of the top lawyers in the country. You will receive customized solutions to the biggest challenges facing your law firm in a collaborative environment. You can bring one member of your law firm at no additional fee and get advice, tips and guidance on an ongoing basis long after the mastermind.

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The Mastermind Experience will be held in Chicago on November 17th. This can be a transformative event for your law firm, but you have to act fast—space is limited to the first 15 lawyers. You can apply now at www.MastermindExperience.com.

What They’re Saying…about the Mastermind Experience in Washington, DC


A great day and wonderful dinner with some of the smartest lawyers in the country.

Neal Goldstein, Esq., East Meadow, New York


What an amazing day! I want to say thank you to all of those involved. I appreciate the chance to know you all and be part of the group.

Christopher Nicolaysen, Esq., Colorado Springs, Colorado


It was a great day indeed. I spent part of the day Saturday organizing many of the tips into action items. More to follow as I implement them.

John L. “Lin” McCraw, Esq., McKinney, Texas (President of the Texas Trial Lawyers Association)


Thanks John and Seth for an incredible first Mastermind Experience. I will need the weekend to organize my thoughts and decide what to implement first.

Albert R. Hartley, Esq., Virginia Beach, Virginia


John, thank you so much for inviting me to speak to the group [Mastermind Experience]. What an honor. Thank you for all you do for the marketers of the world.

Anneke Kurt Godlewski, Director of Marketing and Communications for Charles E. Boyk Law Offices, LLC, Toledo, Ohio



Leave a comment below telling me what surprised, inspired or taught you the most (I personally respond to every comment). And if you disagree with my take on running a personal injury law firm, or have a specific, actionable tip, I’d love to hear from you.