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How to Instill Your Core Values with Your Book of the Month

Core values can be quickly forgotten in the hectic workday. You’ve got a whole lot on your plate from trials, depositions and paperwork—let’s face it, instilling core values at your law firm might not be #1 on your list of priorities.  But if you’re not focused on instilling and reinforcing your law firm’s core values, your team members will forget them in the grind of their workday.

A book reading program at your law firm is a simple and effective way to reinforce your core values.  Here’s how it works: pick 1 book a month that illustrates your firm’s core values—let’s say the core value is excellent client service.  Now, pick a book that breathes life into the value of excellent client service, such as Fish! or The Fred Factor (both must reads for any business committed to excellence).

“There is power in reading good books and sharing ideas as a team.”

Mark Sanborn, Fred 2.0

Buy extra copies of the book and hand them out to your team members with a “read by” date. You give your team members one month to read the book and at the end of the month, you meet to discuss the book.  Your employees answer questions about the book and highlight points that were interesting to them.

For your employees who want to read more, you should create a library of your recommended books (check out www.DeliveringHappiness.com/books) and take your employees to lunch whenever they read a new book.  You might want to pay $50 to the team member for reading the book.

“The endeavor encourages the exchange of ideas and creative thinking, and it acknowledges everyone’s thoughts and experience.”

Mark Sanborn, Fred 2.0

Reading the books creates a common bond that includes everyone on your team, whether they are an associate, paralegal, secretary or the janitor.  But more important, you’re showing your team that you care about their growth and personal development and ultimately, you will be the beneficiary with a team that cares about learning and shares your values.



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