"Everything you've been told about building
an injury law practice is wrong"

An Opportunity Unlike Any Other

Ever wonder what it would be like to have a trusted board of advisors for your law firm?  An elite team of advisors available whenever you need them. Advisors who are more than advisors—trusted friends who will do anything to help you, both personally and professionally.

Seem impossible?  Not anymore.  Plaintiffs Elite is not a coaching program—it is something much different.

  • Having a problem with hiring and firing?  
  • What about getting quality cases from your website or digital advertising? 
  • Having difficulty motivating your team?

Little secret—we all have these problems.  You’re not alone and we’re here to help you.  Napoleon Hill, author of “Think and Grow Rich”, once wrote that a mastermind is: 

“The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.”

Napoleon Hill, “Think and Grow Rich

And it’s so true.  You can’t do this alone (well, you can, but it’s really hard).  What if you had experts in digital advertising at your fingertips? What if you had marketing experts to guide you through referral based marketing? What if you had an elite group of plaintiff’s lawyers willing to help you?  Not only is this possible, it already exists.

An Opportunity to Change Your Future

The future is in your hands.  You have the power to create the law firm of your dreams. All you have to do is apply.  An elite tribe of plaintiff’s lawyers--experts in legal marketing and management--are ready to share with you everything we’ve got, all of our failures, mistakes and success.

We know the Mastermind Experience (MastermindExperience.com) is not for everyone.  You can’t wait 3-4 months for our next mastermind—you need help RIGHT NOW!  And you need a trusted board of advisors to guide you through the challenge of running a plaintiff’s law firm on a weekly basis.  That’s why we created Plaintiffs Elite, namely, to provide accountability and a forum for help EVERY SINGLE WEEK.  

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

Peter Drucker

Plaintiffs Elite is a companion mastermind to the Mastermind Experience that provides weekly and ongoing support for your law firm in so many ways.  But the best part?  A one-year membership in Plaintiffs Elite is roughly the same expense as attending a single Mastermind Experience.

Interested in joining our tribe?  Here’s what you’ll get.

The Hot Seat

During our weekly videoconference, a member is placed on the hot seat about their law firm’s biggest challenge and/or managing a plaintiff’s law firm.  The members will push you with new ideas and challenge you to implement changes to your law firm. You will receive tried and true solutions that are customized to your challenges. There is simply nothing like it.

Members-Only Website

Our members-only website puts you in the driver’ seat.  You’ll have the equivalent of thousands of dollars in private counseling.  We will show you how to set up your law firm for success and so much more.  No matter what question, hurdle or struggle you’ve hit along your journey, your trusted board of advisors will be here for you.

The Videos

In our members-only website, you’ll also find our best guest presentation videos about law firm marketing and management.  The videos will show you: 

  • The Pros and Cons of Case Management Software
  • Simple Lead Tracking for Lawyers
  • The Dream Manager Program Explained!
  • How to get Reviews on Google My Business

Watch the videos by logging into our members-only website for Plaintiffs Elite.  Each video is like a one-on-one private coaching session.  We will walk you through every obstacle in your path to help you make progress in every aspect of marketing and managing a plaintiff’s law firm. You can watch the videos whenever and wherever you wish.

The Legal Forms

Our members-only website contains our best article and legal forms for plaintiff’s lawyers.  Use what you find helpful and build the inventory of legal forms by sharing your best forms. 

Accountability Partner

We can only help you so far.  You will have an accountability partner/coach who will be with you every step of the way during weekly accountability phone calls.

Goal Setting Worksheet

Goals for each member will be listed on the members-only website.

Monthly Special Guest Presentations

We kick off each month with a special guest presentation by leading legal experts in law firm marketing and management.  Every topic focuses on real issues with marketing and managing a plaintiff’s law firm. 

24/7 Access to Our Tribe

As a tribe member, you will have 24/7 access to our exclusive community.  The private Facebook group is where we learn, grow and support each other.  The private Facebook group was created for you to post your victories, ask questions, share your thoughts and support each other in your journey.

Introductory Videoconference with John Fisher

You will have an introductory one-on-one videoconference with John Fisher, so we can become more familiar with the biggest challenges facing your law firm.

Monthly Print Newsletter

You will receive a monthly print newsletter, Lawyer Alert, with our best advice for marketing and managing a law firm.

Unlimited Email Access to John Fisher

You will have unlimited email access to John Fisher.  

Cancel at Any Time

Membership in the Plaintiffs Elite is $97/month, or discounted one-year commitment of $970 (2 months free).  You can cancel at any time with no questions asked.

Complimentary Shock & Awe Package

With one-year commitment to Plaintiffs Elite, you will receive our Shock & Awe for free.  Our Shock & Awe package consists of an introductory note (“Where to get Started”), including:

  • Book, The Power of a System
  • Book, The Law Firm of Your Dreams
  • Audio-book, The Power of a System
  • Newsletters, Last 6 editions of monthly newsletter, Lawyer Alert
  • Audio CD of best interviews (Ben Glass, Adam Witty, Richard James Strauch)
  • Audio CD of best podcast interviews (Ultimate Practice Builder)
  • Flash drive of best pleadings, discovery demands, responses, etc.
  • The Client Welcome Package (“What to Expect in Your Lawsuit”) of John H. Fisher, P.C.;
  • Best promotional materials, including our holiday card with book offer, direct mail for speaking events, The Jury Project and How to Get Your Law Firm’s Website on the First Page of Google, and our invitation/direct mail for our client appreciation party
  • Discounted admission to the Mastermind Experience ($200 discount off the application fee)


Do You Qualify for the Plaintiffs Elite?

We are highly selective and only a few select lawyers will qualify for the Plaintiffs Elite.

Answer these questions to determine if you have what it takes to become a part of our tribe:

  • The application fee is no problem,
  • You have no disciplinary or ethical issues,
  • You are fanatical about self-improvement,
  • You are willing to share everything you know about marketing and managing a law firm,
  • You are willing to give without any expectation of getting anything in return.

If you can emphatically answer “YES” to these questions, you might be a good fit for Plaintiffs Elite.

Everything You Want to Know about Plaintiffs Elite

QuestionWhy was Plaintiffs Elite created?

Answer:Plaintiffs Elite was created for lawyers—like me—who love the practice of law.  There is nothing we would rather do. We get up early and work late because running a plaintiffs’ personal injury law firm is the most gratifying thing we can do with our lives.

But let’s face it, you can’t do this alone (well, you can, but it is really hard).  You need someone who’s got your back—other high achieving lawyers who will be there for you when the times are tough.  Lawyers who will give everything they’ve got—their best advice in law firm marketing and management as well as a structure of accountability and support.  Sometimes you just need a friend to listen, and we’re here for you.

When a group of high achieving lawyers come together, great things happen.  You begin realizing dreams that you never thought possible. Yes, the vision of your perfect law firm is attainable.  A vision where you are only doing work that is within your unique skills and ability and you are handling only the “A” cases that will make a difference for you and your clients.  This is the law firm of your dreams.

There is no magic fairy dust and this won’t happen overnight, but if I’ve learned one thing in 25+ years of practice, it’s this: you have to leverage the knowledge, wisdom and success of other lawyers who are doing things better than you.  This, my friend, is the secret to success and why we created Plaintiffs Elite.



QuestionWhat makes Plaintiffs Elite different from other coaching programs?

Answer:First, there is no coaching program designed solely for plaintiffs’ personal injury lawyers. Most coaching programs are one-size-fits-all and accept lawyers from every practice area.  That is not what we do at Plaintiffs Elite.

Plaintiffs Elite is devoted solely to plaintiffs’ personal injury lawyers and focuses on the marketing and management issues that are unique to running a plaintiffs’ firm. The advice you will receive is not theoretical, but based upon the collective wisdom of years of experience of hardcore plaintiffs’ lawyers.

Second, most coaching programs provide monthly newsletters and interviews with industry experts on a monthly basis.  In our view, that’s not nearly enough.  The problems faced by plaintiffs’ lawyers need to be fixed now, not in a month or weeks later.  That is why Plaintiffs Elite provides daily access to our members through a private Facebook group, as well as email and phone access to John Fisher and weekly one-on-one interaction in group videoconferences every Thursday at 4 p.m. EST.

Third, during every weekly videoconference a new member of our tribe is put on the hot seat where they are challenged with customized solutions for the biggest challenge facing their law firm.  There will be no random chitchat or wasted time. Each videoconference will start and stop on time and will be limited to 30 minutes. 

Fourth, you will be asked to set specific goals for your law firm and post your goals on the members-only website.  We will hold you accountable and give you a push, when necessary.  Be ready for brutal honesty if you don’t make progress.  Accountability is the real value of a coaching program.

What other coaching programs do all of this?  We’ll let you answer.



QuestionWhat happens if you are unable to attend the weekly videoconferences?

Answer: We have a members-only website that is an archive of our all of our videoconferences and interviews and our best legal forms.  Every week, you will be sent a link to the video recording via email and on our private Facebook group.  If you miss a group videoconference, you won’t miss a thing.



QuestionHow do you apply for Plaintiffs Elite?

Answer:  Simple. You can apply at PlaintiffsElite.com. If you have any questions, you can call John Fisher at 518-265-9131 or email, jfisher@fishermalpracticelaw.com.

Are you up for a challenge?  Joining forces with other high achieving plaintiffs’ lawyers could very well be the best thing you ever do in your career.  

Leave a comment below telling me what surprised, inspired or taught you the most (I personally respond to every comment). And if you disagree with my take on running a personal injury law firm, or have a specific, actionable tip, I’d love to hear from you.