"Everything you've been told about building
an injury law practice is wrong"

The Best Decision You Will Ever Make

Have you ever thought about joining a mastermind? Perhaps you’ve never found the right fit or it was too expensive or not convenient for your schedule.

And there’s good reasons to avoid masterminds: some are too expensive, some have the same information shared at every mastermind and some have dishonest, unethical members. Any one of these would be reason enough not to join.

Our mastermind (www.MastermindExperience.com) is unique.

In 2015, we created a special mastermind to address these issues. How so? 


Every mastermind is roughly a 50/50 mix of new and returning members. With new members at every mastermind, there are fresh, new ideas at every mastermind. You meet new members and form new relationships at every mastermind.


There are no recurring fees.  You pay a registration fee one-time and that’s it.  There are no monthly fees and no continuing obligations. And if you’re not completely sold on your experience, we refund your registration fee with no questions asked.


We have special criteria for new members. Our existing members have veto power over the admission of new members. If a new member competes with your law firm or you’ve had bad dealings with their law firm, you have the right to exclude them from our tribe. It’s that simple.

If a new member is not honest, ethical and willing to share everything they know, they are not a good fit. We are careful to exclude those who do not meet our criteria for membership.

What do you get?  Relationships with high-achieving lawyers from across the country who will provide you with customized solutions for the biggest challenges facing your law firm. Our workshops are not seminars—they are customized so that you get specific feedback from our tribe that will address the problems and challenges that you face (we all have them). There is nothing like this.

The Mastermind Experience Comes to Our Nation’s Capital on September 9th

Our next mastermind will be held in Washington, DC on Friday, September 9th.  We will have a cocktail hour on the roof of the Watergate Hotel on Thursday, September 8th, a special night-time cruise of our nation’s monuments on the Potomac River on Thursday evening, September 8th and a very special farewell dinner at Joe’s Crab on Friday evening, September 9th.  All costs are covered in the registration fee of $999.

Want to join the fun? The registration fee of $999 will increase to $1,300 on August 1st.  Have questions?  You can call John Fisher on his cell, 518-265-9131. And if you register before August 1st, you will receive a commemorative edition YETI cooler with our compliments.

Register/Apply Now at www.MastermindExperience.com

Want are you waiting for? You can register/apply at www.MastermindExperience.com

We hope to see you in September!

Leave a comment below telling me what surprised, inspired or taught you the most (I personally respond to every comment). And if you disagree with my take on running a personal injury law firm, or have a specific, actionable tip, I’d love to hear from you.