"Everything you've been told about building
an injury law practice is wrong"

The 24-Hour a Day Law Firm

Imagine a day that your law firm operates 24 hours a day while you sleep?  Instead of a 9 to 5 workday, you’re kicking butt round-the-clock.  Work gets done while you sleep and you arrive the next morning with a boatload of work already done.

When you out-source work, work gets done overnight and you can go to bed knowing that completed assignments will be in your inbox at 9 a.m. You’ve entered a world where your work gets done by a team of superstars who work long after business hours are over (and you don’t have to give them health insurance).

Find your own “A” team that will make your law firm tick like clockwork.  But just to get you started, I am listing my team of “A” players—feel free to give them a call.

A Team of Superstars at Your Disposal

Accountability Coach: Joey Bridges, JAB Consulting, joey@marketingfanpages.com, 562-396-5633, Long Beach, California

Big plans mean nothing without accountability. Joey Bridges is an internet marketing expert who kicks my ass every week during our weekly 15-minute accountability phone call. My weekly accountability calls with Joey are a great way to toss around new ideas, fix marketing obstacles and redirect my focus to the highest and best use of my time.

Joey helps me set goals, implement and watch big things happen. And best of all, Joey is 10x smarter than me and if he doesn’t know how to fix a problem, he’s connected throughout the country with experts who can.  My special events, i.e., Mastermind Experience, Jury Project, etc., would not happen without Joey.

Case Expense Funding: Mike Swanson, CEO, Advocate Capital, mswanson@advocatecapital.com, 615-577-5461, Nashville, Tennessee

Ever wonder where all of your money goes? What if you had a partner to pay the case expenses for you and pass on the interest expense to your clients?

Advocate Capital has been the perfect partner for my law firm. I don’t spend a penny on case expenses and this frees up cash flow for marketing, special events and oh yeah, the occasional trip with my wife and kids. Mike Swanson and his team at Advocate Capital are a pleasure to work with and can adjust your line of credit as your cash flow needs get bigger.

Graphic Designer:  Julee Hutchison, Hutchison-Frey, juleehutchison@yahoo.com, 970-327-4565, Placerville, Colorado

Where would I be without Julee Hutchison? LOST! Julee creates original and creative designs for my newsletters, direct mail and special invitations. I don’t have to tell Julee what to do—she just takes over each project with gusto and turns out amazing work. Consider yourself very lucky if you get a chance to work with Julee!

Julee Hutchison and Michelle Foster are a phenomenal team for a monthly newsletter.

Fulfillment Provider: Michelle Foster, Help Without Hassle, michelle@helpwithouthassle.com, 620-628-4902, McPherson, Kansas

Through trial and error, I found the best fulfillment provider on the market, Michelle Foster of Help Without Hassle. Michelle Foster handles the printing and fulfillment for my newsletters, direct mail campaigns and Shock & Awe packages.

Michelle never misses a deadline and is extremely responsive, i.e., 24 hour turn-around time and has never said “no” when I am in a jam. My newsletter would not exist without Michelle and Julee.

Lien Resolution and Annuities:  Brett Newman, bnewman@helpwithliens.com, 845-638-1278, Bardonia, New York

Brett Newman is a plaintiff’s-only expert in the resolution of Medicare, Medicaid and ERISA liens, subrogation claims and Medicare Set-Aside Funds.  Brett is my go-to guy for lien resolutions and structured settlement annuities.  There is no one in the country who I would trust more than Brett for a question regarding liens and structured settlement annuities.

Video Editor: Mark Whalen, Litigraphics, Litigraphics@verizon.net, 315-345-2440, Baldwinsville, New York

Mark Whalen edits my web videos and Powerpoint presentations for speaking events and edits deposition video for trial presentation.  Mark’s work is flawless and I always get far more than I pay for.  Mark is technologically-savvy and can solve any technology problem on a moment’s notice.

Mark has made my life a whole lot easier, and I consider him to be an indispensable member of my team.

Webmaster for WordPress Websites: Ryan M. Leisure, rmleisure@gmail.com, Ohio

Need a simple website that will look great, but won’t cost an arm and a leg?  Ryan Leisure creates my specialty websites that you can create for less than $1k, i.e., www.UltimateInjuryLaw.com.  Want to make small changes to your website and see the changes within 24 hours?  Ryan is the webmaster for you.

Infusionsoft Expert/Marketing Implementor: Brett Farr, Blick Digital, brett@blickdigital.com, 480-278-6216,Queen Creek, Arizona

Brett Farr is a master at the implementation of Infusionsoft and he is one of a handful of technology, marketing and case management experts who I trust implicitly.  When I was frustrated and ready to terminate Infusionsoft, I was referred to Brett and he created new campaigns that manage my marketing, intakes, client communication, book sales and special events.  Hell, my office runs through Infusionsoft—thanks to Brett.

Brett Farr is single-handedly responsible for automating my marketing and client communication for my law firm and he taught my staff how to use Infusionsoft. If you want to automate your law firm, you should have a conversation with Brett.

Structured Settlement Consultant/Financial Advisor: Tim Denehy, tdenehy@advocacywealth.com, 860-239-0094, Forge Consulting, Connecticut

I’ve worked on structured settlements for injury victims for 20+ years and I’m yet to find anyone who comes close to Tim Denehy. Tim will meet with you and your client to find the right long-term solution that is tailor-made for their needs and most importantly, he will stay in touch with your clients and make sure everything is working out.

I love working with Tim Denehy on structured settlements, but more importantly, our clients like and trust Tim. Bottom line, Tim makes me look good and I don’t have to worry once a structured settlement trust has been created with Tim’s help.

Digital Marketing/Facebook Advertising: Ralph Legnini of Dragon Search, ralph@dragonsearch.com; New York City.

Ralph Legnini is a mad genius of Facebook advertising and will work round-the-clock to find the highest return on investment for your Facebook ads. Ralph creates imaginative Facebook ads, split tests the ads and updates you with metrics on the response rates on a daily basis. I use Facebook ads for special events, my wife’s judicial election and my law firm’s marketing for specialty cases.

I feed off Ralph’s energy and love for his work. Ralph Legnini is an absolute joy to work with and has been a big part of my law firm’s marketing success.

Superstars You Should be Following

Internet Marketing: Neil Patel, an internet marketing guru, gives away his best advice in a weekly email that is subscribed by tens of thousands and for good reason, the emails are awesome! Go to www.neilpatel.com and sign up for the free weekly email newsletter.

Law Office Management: Lee Rosen, Esq. has ingenious tips for law office management that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Go to the website for “Divorce Discourse” and get the free, “Rosen’s Rules”.

Social Media for Lawyers: Mitch Jackson, Esq. has reached “rock-star” status by livestreaming on Periscope. Sign up for Mitch’s weekly livestream and see how he does it.

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