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How to Excel at Communicating with Your Clients

Many lawyers—if not most—take their clients for granted. We assume that if we do a great job for our clients, and get the results they want, we’ve done our job.  It’s not that simple.

Even when we get the best result possible, some of your clients will complain and what do they complain about?  THE LACK OF COMMUNICATION. That’s right, your clients complain that they rarely heard from you and had no idea what was going on with their case.  Are your clients wrong?  It doesn’t matter—in your clients’ minds, they’re right and that’s all that matters.

What can you do to be different from every other lawyer? Do you have specific rules for communicating with your clients?  Do your clients know the best processes to communicate and interact with you?  There is no perfect solution to the issue of client communication, but leaving this unanswered will make things worse for you.

Your Special Rules of Communication” are radically different from conventional norms that client communication should be handled by staff and that the lawyer should have little, if anything, to do with clients. Are these rules a perfect solution for every law firm? Not at all. If you have hundreds, or thousands, of clients, this will not be practical, but just maybe this will get you thinking about improving your process for communicating with your clients.


Your Special Rights of Communication

When you entrusted your case with us, you did more than send us a new case to work on.  You trusted us with your life and in some cases, the lives of your children.  We take that responsibility seriously.

In return for trusting us with such an important responsibility, we want to return the favor by giving you special rights of communication with us.  We want to make sure your voice is always heard and that we respond quickly when you need us.

We created these rules of communication for you.


Your Rights of Communication #1

Access to John Fisher

When we accept your case for litigation, you will receive John Fisher’s cell # (518-265-9131) and personal email (jfisherlawyer@gmail.com). You can call or text John any time.

If you want to meet with John, he will come to your home or a location of your choice (even if you live in Alabama).


Your Rights of Communication #2

24/7 Connection to Your Legal Team

Call, email and text your attorney or paralegal—anytime, anywhere.

Litigation Paralegal

Teresa C. King (tking@fishermalpracticelaw.com)

Estate Paralegal

Marie Bing (mbing@fishermalpracticelaw.com)

Intake Specialist

Brent Lammers (blammers@fishermalpracticelaw.com; cell: 845-802-3744)

Client Care Advocate

Beverly “Bev” Davis (bdavis@fishermalpracticelaw.com; cell: 914-466-3386)


Your Rights of Communication #3

Sign Documents from Home

Review and sign all necessary documents online, when and where it is most convenient for you.


Your Rights of Communication #4

Remote Legal Services

We understand the difficulties when our clients have to leave home to meet an attorney.  That’s why we offer remote legal services for all of our clients who cannot meet face-to-face with their attorney or paralegal. What’s more, some of our clients are physically unable to leave home due to an injury or disability, and others have scheduling difficulties.

We use the most current video technologies to ensure the legal process keeps moving forward without a hiccup, and that our clients get the same 24/7 personalized care and support you expect from our team—all from the comfort of your home.

You can join us for a video conference on Zoom on your laptop or smartphone.


Your Rights of Communication #5

Access to Your Case File

Want to take a peek inside your case file? Our client portal gives you 24/7 access to the most important documents in your file. If you need help accessing our client portal, just give us a call and we will help you.


Your Rights of Communication #6

Special Concierge Service

Our Client Care Advocate, Beverly “Bev” Davis, is available any time day or night whenever you want an update or just need a friendly voice to speak with. Bev Davis’s email is bdavis@fishermalpracticelaw.com and her cell # is 914-466-3386.  

Bev Davis has a warm, friendly touch and communicates frequently with our clients to get updates about medical treatment and just to say “hi”. If you have a question or concern, Bev Davis will be always available to take your call.


Your Rights of Communication #7

Everything You Need to Know About Your Lawsuit

Our Client Welcome Package contains everything you need to know about your lawsuit. Our Client Welcome Package answers the most common questions posed by our clients:

  • How long will your lawsuit last?
  • What should you do to prepare for your deposition?
  • What should you expect during your trial?
  • How long will it take to get court approval of your wrongful death settlement?

No stone is left unturned.  Every question that you have is answered in our Client Welcome Package and if we didn’t answer one of your questions, let us know and John will call you.


Your Rights of Communication #8

Our Culture of Caring, Compassion and Respect

Our cultures is one of caring, compassion and respect for our clients and team members. 

On a scale of 1 (worst) to 5 (best), are you being treated with care, compassion and respect? Good or bad, we will appreciate your feedback.


Your Rights of Communication #9

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You can join the fun at facebook.com/johnhfisherpc. Hope you join us!


Have a Concern, Question or Complaint?

Do you have a concern, question or complaint? Call or text John Fisher (518-265-9131) and let him know. John will call you back and address your concern or complaint.  Hey, we’re not perfect, but we strive to get better every day.

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