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How to Attract the Best Candidates for Your Secretarial Position: Our Employment Advertisement

Have you ever noticed that 99% of advertisements for law firms SUCK?  The advertisements, whether in print or online, read the same ole’ way: “AV-rated law firm seeks paralegal with 3-5 years of experience with excellent writing skills….” Blah, blah, blah.

What if you chose a different path for your law firm? What if you chose to create an advertisement for your paralegal or secretary that had candidates knocking down your door for an interview?  If your current hiring methods aren’t getting the top candidates for your law firm, just maybe you should consider an advertisement that is different.

This is the online employment advertisement that we use for our Problem Solver and Happiness Creator (a/k/a receptionist).  You have our complete permission to copy as much of the ad as you wish.

Our Online Employment Advertisement

Amazing Opportunity for the Right Person—Director of Client Relations for the Law Firm of John H. Fisher, P.C.

Our Director of Client Relations, also known as the Problem Solver and Happiness Creator, is the front-line of our medical malpractice law firm.  You will be expected to make our clients happy and solve their problems.

You will be responsible for obtaining medical records, scheduling depositions, answering the phone and taking new case intake calls over the phone.  Excellent keyboarding and computer skills are an absolute must!  Prior experience in a plaintiffs’ personal injury law firm is a bonus, but not required.

We hire motivated people, set high expectations and give our people room to be remarkable.  We have a beautiful office in historic, uptown Kingston, and a culture that is stimulating and unique. You will have massive amounts of responsibility and freedom and you will be rewarded for being a human, not a cog in a machine.

What Your Will Get

You will get challenges and responsibility and the best money and benefits in the market.  We have an exciting and fun workplace and you will get to play an important role in improving the lives of severely, disabled persons.  We offer plenty of opportunity for your professional and personal development.

You will receive:

  • Medical Insurance (employee premiums 100% covered),
  • 18 Paid Days Off in your first year,
  • Healthy Lifestyle Program with a physical therapist and nutritionist at your disposal (cost is 100% covered),
  • $5,000 allowance every year for personal development programs, and
  • Dream Initiative Program with a Dream Manager at your disposal (cost is 100% covered).

What We’re About

We are a team of people who love to read books, listen to podcasts and ask 10X more questions than we give answers.  We believe in building systems and policies for our work so we don’t have to do the same task over and over again.  Getting the work done isn’t the goal, getting the system built that gets the work done is.

It’s not just about our law firm.  It’s about YOU.  We take care of each other and are back to back in the bunker willing to take shots for each other.

We want you to set new dreams and surpass them. We want you to be delighted in what you do.


We do not hire people who are:

  • Smokers,
  • People who cheat on their spouse (if your spouse can’t trust you, we can’t either), and
  • People who are scared to make decisions, need a job, or wish you would hand them a To-Do list.

Your Assignment

You should send your resume and a cover letter to us via Federal Express. The subject line for your cover letter should read, “Why I am the Perfect Candidate to be Your Director of Client Relations”.  Please include three personal references (we will not contact them without your permission).

Your cover letter should be addressed to Corina Skidmore, John H. Fisher, P.C., 278 Wall Street, Kingston, New York 12401.






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