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Creating the Vision for Your Wildest Dreams

Dreams do not happen by accident. Dreams begin with a vision by a dreamer that is crystal clear. Once that vision has been defined, the dreamer knows exactly where they want to end up without necessarily knowing how they will do it. And that’s okay.

Do you know where you want to be in 10-20 years?  If not, you won’t get there, and there’s a good chance you will be exactly where you are today in 20 years. How can you change that?

“When you can describe your future with the same level of detail
as your present, you’ll have a compelling vision.”

Dan Martell, “Buy Back Your Time

You begin by defining the vision of your ideal life.  As author, Dan Martell, points out, “When you get clear on your vision, everything changes.” The first step is to “dream without limits”.  Don’t worry about what other people think or if your dream seems crazy and unrealistic.  Dan Martell encourages you to “Consider what you would accomplish if you had no limitations…Your dream needs to be insanely huge.”

Start today by giving yourself permission to dream without limits. Document your dreams and post them on a wall. As Dan Martell points out, “You’ll need a huge inspirational picture of what you’re working toward.”  This will reinforce what you are living for.  And never forget, if you can’t envision your future, it will never happen.

These are my “10X Dreams”: 

My 10X Dream

July 22, 2023

#1: Loving relationship and faith in God.

#2: Have a strong loving marriage with Lisa.

#3: Our children are independent, self-sufficient, love what they do and nurture their relationship with God.

#4: Own an oceanfront home on the beach in Florida.

#5: Own a 52-foot catamaran to sail the world with Lisa.

#6: Self-managed law firm that does not depend on me.

#7: Own a riverfront home on the Hudson River.

#8: The best physical fitness and health of my life.

#9: Best mastermind for lawyers in the world.

#10: Travel to every country in the world.

#11: Publish 5 best-selling books.

#12: Earn substantial fees from public speaking.

#13: Build a well in Africa.

#14: Ability to fly a plane.

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