"Everything you've been told about building
an injury law practice is wrong"


How to Create Entrepreneurial-Minded Associates

It is the classic mistake made by law firms. The principals are the rainmakers and the associates do the grunt work (e.g., depositions, trials, etc.) There’s just one problem: this doesn’t work. If only a few lawyers are bringing in the business, the law firm is dependent on only a few lawyers to survive. Every more »

Why Failure is Good

4 years ago (October 19, 2013), we created a wildly ambitious marketing goal (a/k/a our “Mission”). We realized that our highest value cases (and biggest legal fees) came from cases referred by lawyers. Rather than wasting time on marketing to the consumers via conventional marketing tactics, i.e., TV, radio, digital ads, we spent every dollar more »


The question is simple enough. A lawyer asks a question on a group chat, “What I should do with prospects who don’t have a case?” The response is near unanimous with the group agreeing that the lead is worthless and the lawyer shouldn’t waste any time following up. HUGE MISTAKE! But let’s face the truth: more »

How to Start a Law Firm from Scratch

A young lawyer asks for my #1 piece of advice for starting a law firm, but cautions that he has few clients, relationships with lawyers or $. The lawyer believes that no one would refer a case to him since he’s a novice, has no big settlements or verdicts, and no trial experience. In essence, more »

A Powerful Tool for Lawyer Referrals

What is the best way to get lawyer referrals? Most lawyers take the easy way—they send a generic letter asking for referrals. This is very ineffective and a waste of paper. A far more effective approach is to give value without asking for anything. Albany, NY injury lawyer, Patrick Higgins, Esq., mails a quarterly update more »

How to Build Your Empire

Building the law firm of your dreams begins by defining your “Ideal Client”. Your Ideal Client is not the injury victim with the multi-million $ case. Your Ideal Client is the person who sends you a steady stream of new, high quality cases. Think QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. Just 2-4 highly influential referral partners are all more »

A List-Building System that Pays for Itself

Building a tribe of raving, loyal fans is the #1 objective of any lawyer. Your good work is not nearly enough to build a tribe—you have to stay “top of mind” with your referral sources as often as you can. You have to reach out to your fan base with valuable tips and advice that more »

The ONE THING that will Virtually Guarantee Lawyer Referrals

Lawyer referrals are marketing gold. When you receive a referral from a lawyer, you receive a set of medical records, a cover letter setting forth the theory of liability and the client comes to you with the stamp of approval that you are the perfect lawyer for their case.  There’s no way you can screw more »