“Everything you’ve been told about building
an injury law practice is wrong”


Why a Newsletter Should be Your Best Marketing Tool

You’ve got a long list of referral partners, former and current clients and prospective referral partners. Yet, if you don’t continually nurture and cultivate these relationships, they won’t even remember your name. This is a hard and cold truth. Most lawyers ignore their referral partners and just hope for the best.  This, my friend, is a more »

An Insider’s Secrets to Winning a Malpractice Case

Here’s a little secret that few lawyers believe: it takes 10 years handling medical malpractice cases just to become competent.  Not good, competent. Why? Medical malpractice is a highly specialized area of law. There are no quick and easy settlements and even with the strongest facts, the defense will take you to trial. That said, if more »

The Best Way to Engage Your Team

​Do ever wonder why your team doesn’t seem engaged in their work? It’s simple: your team doesn’t know the score. If there is no score, there is no way to know whether your team has won or lost. Of course, you keep score with fancy graphs of every aspect of your law firm’s operations. But that’s more »

How to Take Back Control of Your Workday…and Your Life

What is the greatest obstacle to a productive workday?  Distractions. You come to work laser-focused on a specific task and before you know it, you get interrupted a moment at a time.  Your intake specialist asks for “just a minute of your time”, you take an “urgent” phone call from a new client and when more »

The 7 Components of a World-Class Law Firm

Have you ever wondered how the highest achieving lawyers got where they are? You take a few moments to ponder a highly successful lawyer who created a law firm with 50 employees, and an 8-figure revenue with a 30% profit margin, and write off their success as pure luck or that they had an advantage more »

My Prayer of Thanksgiving

In this time of Thanksgiving, I am grateful that you take the time to read my blogs and articles.   This is a scary time for lawyers and business owners.  In New York, our court system has closed the courts for trials indefinitely.  A vaccine(s) appears to be on the horizon, but there will be some pain more »

A Game Changer for Plaintiffs’ Lawyers in Medical Malpractice

​Hospitals are loaded with surveillance cameras throughout the hospital, including the triage department.  With a carefully worded preservation letter, the surveillance video can be a treasure trove for plaintiff’s lawyers. Case in point: recently, I conducted a deposition of a target defendant/ER physician. The defendant physician documented a thorough and complete physical examination, and testified that more »

The Ultimate Intake System

 Most lawyers assume that they rarely, if ever, lose quality leads.  Not so fast, my friend.  More than anything else, law firms screw up the intake process. How many law firms have a system for recording leads?  10-20%. And that is a shame.  Most law firms minimize the intake process based on their rationalization that their more »

If I Die Today

If I die today, I want you to be happy. If I’ve lived my life the right way, I will be with God and nothing could make me happier. Know that I am at peace. You can honor my life by living your life with enthusiasm and passion.  Do not worry about me–I am in a more »

How to Win Your Case in the Court of Public Opinion

How to Win Your Case in the Court of Public Opinion

When the local newspaper puts a story about you on the front page, this is media attention that money can’t buy. But the media doesn’t care about you—they care about the interesting stories that your clients have. The media wants compelling, news-worthy stories that will attract the most readers and viewers. The free press is invaluable. more »