"Everything you've been told about building
an injury law practice is wrong"

A Story Worth Telling


I have the consent of our mastermind members to disclose this story.

At our first mastermind in Florida (5 years ago), a young lawyer, Chris, stands up to take his turn on the hot seat.  Chris makes a bold proclamation, “I want to be a medical malpractice lawyer”, and is quickly met with skepticism from the more experienced members. Chris is told in no uncertain terms, “You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into”, “these cases cost hundreds of thousands of dollars” and in essence, he is crazy for even thinking of making this radical move.

The collective view of our members was that Chris was about to make a big mistake.  But another member wanted to share their two cents and told Chris, “If this is your dream, pursue it.” The member went on to explain that, “If you have a dream and you’re willing to die for it, heaven and earth will get out of your way to make it happen.”  The member went on to say, “And we’re here to support you. We’ve got malpractice lawyers in this mastermind who will take your phone calls, connect you with best experts and guide you through the process.”

By the end of the hot seat, Chris appeared to be undecided and he mostly kept his thoughts to himself.  Chris took some lumps and perhaps was re-considering his plan to become malpractice lawyer.  Chris’s grand plan was at a crossroads.


A Stunning Twist in the Story

From time to time, I received an update from Chris about his new career in medical malpractice and truth be told, it was a tough road.  About 2-3 years later, I received an unexpected text message from Chris, that read, “I just finished my first malpractice trial and the jury is deliberating.” The next morning I got another text from Chris, “My client won! The jury’s verdict is $9.5 million.” Turns out, this was the highest verdict for a medical malpractice case in Minnesota that year.

Chris gets all of the credit in the world.  Chris made a major career change and took a chance that few others would have taken. But without the mastermind, there’s a decent chance this would not have happened.  Chris needed to hear that his dream was not crazy and with the right motivation, anything was possible.

Chris is now pursuing his dream full bore.  And while there are still ups and downs (as there are for all of us), Chris is accepting new cases and committing 100% to his dream. And how cool is that?


How a Mastermind Can Help You

Without our mastermind would this have happened?  Perhaps, but one thing is for sure, the support and accountability of a group of like-minded lawyers provided the incentive and motivation that put a young, undecided lawyer over the top.  And that makes the story worth telling.


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