“Everything you’ve been told about building
an injury law practice is wrong”


A Simple Way to Save a Ton of Cash When Requesting Medical Records

A big expense of a new personal injury case is the cost of getting your clients’ medical records. A complete set of medical records for a month-long hospitalization can cost more than $500 and that’s before you’ve decided whether to accept the case.  A simple solution is to request the electronic medical records on a more »

How to Eliminate the Cost of a Videotape Deposition

Videotape depositions give you powerful ammunition that you can never get from a written transcript—long pauses by the witness before an answer, a witness staring at the ceiling while thinking of an answer or a witness’s grimacing facial expressions and defensive, arms-crossed body language.  Without video of your depositions, you will be missing out on more »

How to Update ALL of Your Local Online Lawyer Directories with One Simple Step

There are a ton of local registries on the internet, i.e., whitepages.com, local.com, superpages.com etc., that consumers use to find lawyers, but there’s just one you. (Google Places is a powerhouse local registry, but there are close to a hundred good ones and your profile needs to be on all of them),  What can you more »

4 Simple RULES for Killer Web Content

The average person has an attention span of 8 seconds.  But it gets worse—out of every 8 people who read a headline on your website, only 2 will continue to read—ouch, that’s only 1 out of 4.  That’s right, it’s next to impossible to get a web visitor to take time to read the content more »

Getting Your Team to Care

Trial lawyers are taught to turn abstract concepts into concrete visual images that a jury can understand.  A “day in the life” video is far more compelling than dry testimony from a treating physician in conveying the day-to-day struggles of a severely disabled person. There’s no debate that the visual images in a video or more »

The Biggest Mistake Made by Law Firms

For 98% of law firms marketing and business development are the responsibility of one or two lawyers.  Perhaps the senior partners are the rainmakers and the associates and junior partners handle the day-to-day technical aspects of running a law practice, i.e., depositions, court appearance and trials.  BIG mistake!


It’s always a little awkward when you refer an out-of-state client to counsel halfway across the country.  Let’s say you’re contacted by Ms. Jones about a new injury case in Wyoming, and (since you’re not admitted in Wyoming), you call a plaintiffs’ lawyer in Wyoming to refer the case.  The phone conversation with the plaintiffs’ more »

Why Structured Settlement Annuities Suck!

A structured settlement annuity locks in a fixed rate for the life of the annuity.  At today’s historically low interest rates, annuities may offer a rate of return as low as half of 1%.  That’s pathetically low and to make things worse, you’re stuck with this low rate and there’s nothing you can do about more »

Link-Building for Maniacs!

Links to your website are critical to the search engines.  The search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) have algorithms that judge your website by the number of inbound links, i.e., websites that are linking to a page of your website.  Links build the authority of your website with the search engines and increase web traffic more »

The Most Important Thing You Should Do for Your Lawyer Website

The #1 goal of a lawyer website (or any website for that matter) is simple: you want to build a herd of raving fans who love what you do and want to hear everything you’ve got to say.  Diehard fans who will share your blog posts, FAQ’s and articles with their friends, “like” your Facebook more »