“Everything you’ve been told about building
an injury law practice is wrong”


Why You Became a Lawyer

What absolutely motivates and fascinates you about the practice of law? If you’re not at least fascinated and thrilled about some aspect of our profession, it’s time to find something else to do.  Seriously. When you are in the zone, you’re doing work that few others can do as well.  You’re not only good at more »

A Radically Different Way to Market Your Law Firm

For most lawyers, marketing a law firm is simply copying what other lawyers are doing…and that’s why the results are predictable. What if you designed a marketing program that was radically unique and does not exist in the marketplace? When you market your law firm exclusively for lawyer referrals, you are unique among your peers. more »

The Best Way to Protect Your Client’s Settlement Money

With settlements requiring court approval, such as wrongful death or infant compromise, it can take months, or even a year, for a court to authorize the distribution of the funds. Most plaintiff’s lawyers deposit the funds into their attorney’s escrow account, where the funds earn no interest for your client and are only protected by more »

How to Make Your Future Bigger than Your Past

The question is simple enough.  A young lawyer plans to open his own law firm and wants to know what he should do first. In a Facebook group for lawyers, the answers randomly flow in—e.g., build a website, hire a paralegal, etc.  It seems that everyone has a different point of view when it comes more »

6 Questions Every Plaintiff’s Lawyer Should Ask During Jury Selection

When the Judge limits the time for jury selection and you have to get right to the point, consider asking these questions. Question #1:  Intentional vs. Inadvertent Wrongdoing “This is not a medical malpractice case; this is a medical negligence case.” Why You Should Ask This Question: Jurors must understand that you are not claiming intentional wrongdoing by more »

How to Make Your Wildest Dreams Come True

How to Make Your Wildest Dreams Come True When you were a kid, you had the wildest, craziest dreams.   You wanted to be the centerfielder for the Yankees or the President of the United States, but then something strange got in the way: your parents, teachers and friends told you to stop dreaming.  Not in those more »

What Lawyers Don’t Understand about Facebook

When it comes to social media, most lawyers just don’t have a clue. Lawyers brag about their big settlement or verdict, but with the exception of your mother and maybe your spouse, no one cares.  This is what lawyers don’t understand about social media. Your friends and followers want to see your human side, especially your more »

4 Things You Need for the Perfect Deposition

If a deposition is important enough to take, then it’s important enough to videotape.  If you’re not videotaping the depositions of the defendant and non-party witnesses, now is the time to start.   But that’s just scratching the surface of an effective videotaped deposition.  You need equipment that will simultaneously show photos, documents and the more »

How to Plan for the Future of Your Law Firm

A strategic quarterly planning day is a day spent with your key team members focusing on the biggest challenge facing your law firm. Your team focuses on a single objective (a/k/a “rallying cry”), e.g., intake system for new leads, and you collaboratively share ideas for improving the process.  There is no more valuable use of more »

A Story of Love

In the tiny, cramped doctor’s office, my wife and I wait to get the news that would change our lives forever.  Our fate rests in the hands of a doctor who we barely know.  The doctor walks into the room and tells my wife and I, “I’ve got good news and bad news. The bad news more »