“Everything you’ve been told about building
an injury law practice is wrong”


If I Die Today

If I die today, I want you to be happy. If I’ve lived my life the right way, I will be with God and nothing could make me happier. Know that I am at peace. You can honor my life by living your life with enthusiasm and passion.  Do not worry about me–I am in a more »

How to Win Your Case in the Court of Public Opinion

How to Win Your Case in the Court of Public Opinion

When the local newspaper puts a story about you on the front page, this is media attention that money can’t buy. But the media doesn’t care about you—they care about the interesting stories that your clients have. The media wants compelling, news-worthy stories that will attract the most readers and viewers. The free press is invaluable. more »

How to Build a Law Firm Using Online Reviews

​As I walk out of a hospital room following a meeting with a prospective client, I see a line of lawyers waiting to enter the room. Turns out, I am just one of many lawyers the client will be meeting to find the right lawyer for their case.  The other lawyers are the quintessential “Who’s more »

How to Excel at Communicating with Your Clients

​Many lawyers—if not most—take their clients for granted. We assume that if we do a great job for our clients, and get the results they want, we’ve done our job.  It’s not that simple. Even when we get the best result possible, some of your clients will complain and what do they complain about?  THE LACK more »

7 Steps to Removing Nightmare Jurors from Your Jury

What is the most important part of a trial?  Jury selection. If you get the wrong jurors, you will lose regardless of the strength of your case. So, how do you pick the right jurors? Voir dire is really jury “de-selection”. You want to remove the jurors who have preconceived negative beliefs about lawsuits and lawyers more »

Finding a Just Cause for Your Law Firm

A just cause answers the question, what’s this all for?  Your cause must be durable, resilient and timeless and provide the context for all decisions that you make. Many plaintiff’s law firm’s promote a just cause of fighting for the most money for their clients.  Highways in the southern part of our country are littered with more »

What Makes Your Law Firm Special?

The most successful law firms emphasize the personal and professional development of their staff.  When your team members know that you care about them—both personally and professionally—there is a higher level of commitment and dedication from your staff.   What makes your law firm special and unique?  Is it the health insurance you offer?  What about the more »

The Only Way to Know If Your Marketing Works

Do you ever wonder how you get new cases? For most of us, there is a lot of guesswork. You know how important it is to identify the source of new leads, but many of your clients either forget who referred you, or your intake specialist forgets to ask.  This sucks! It’s frustrating when you more »

An Opportunity Unlike Any Other

Ever wonder what it would be like to have a trusted board of advisors for your law firm?  An elite team of advisors available whenever you need them. Advisors who are more than advisors—trusted friends who will do anything to help you, both personally and professionally. Seem impossible?  Not anymore.  Plaintiffs Elite is not a coaching more »

The Ultimate Checklist for Lawyers

Systems and policies are essential for any successful law firm.  But it’s not enough just to have systems, you have to fully integrate them into your practice (this, unfortunately, his the hard part).  Truth is, you have to live and die by your systems every single day. Okay, but how?  The almighty Work Plan. A Work more »