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How to Limit the Costs of Expert Witnesses

Expert witnesses cost a fortune. For some “experts”, personal injury litigation is their full-time occupation. Some expert witnesses spend 30-40 hours reviewing file materials at a rate of $500 per hour (or higher), and you get the shock of your life when you get their first invoice for $19k. This cannot happen. When you first more »

How to Avoid the Outrageous Fees of Expert Witnesses

You didn’t see this coming. Your trusty expert witness sends you a bill for $7k for reviewing a new file. You trust the expert spent the time and you’re happy with her work, but $7,000? The expert’s fees are outrageous, but what can you do? You authorized the expert to do the work and her more »

Discover the Secrets to Getting Inside the Minds of the Jurors in your Next Trial

After finally getting your case to trial, you are locked, ready and loaded for sweet victory. Your fact and expert witnesses are ready to go, your exhibits are pre-marked and stipulated into evidence and you are certain the jury will soon reward you with a great plaintiff’s verdict. You are confident the case is close more »

The Best Way to Limit Expert Fees

Before filing a lawsuit, you do your best to create a case budget that incorporates all of the expenses of litigation.  You put dollar figures on every expense of a lawsuit, ranging from videographer and stenographer fees to costs for getting medical records and for the most part, the costs are predictable…without one big exception. more »