“Everything you’ve been told about building
an injury law practice is wrong”


A Nightmare on Elk Street

If I could have crawled under the counsel’s table or magically disappeared, I would have. Unfortunately, neither was an option. My star expert witness is doing his best to answer questions about his notes and emails during cross-examination. The defense lawyer asks about each note in painfully slow fashion. Mr. Defense Lawyer asks the “star” more »

The Best Thing You Will Ever Do in Your Career

Most lawyers just don’t understand. There’s only so far you can go alone—all of the books and seminars can only get you so far. The properly led small group of like-minded lawyers (a/k/a “mastermind”) is hands down the best method for achieving success. There’s just something powerful about sitting face to face with other top more »

How to Educate Your Clients about their Deposition

What are the things you do repeatedly at your law firm? For trial lawyers, we prepare our clients for their depositions and each time, we do this almost exactly the same way. There’s a good chance you’ve met with clients to prepare them for their deposition hundreds (if not thousands) of times. What if you more »

7 Steps to Becoming a Media Darling

When you brag about your huge verdicts and settlements, you are boring. No one cares about you (except your parents, kids and spouse and they might not even care). But when a newspaper, magazine, blog or TV station recognizes your authority, you have instant credibility. Even a small quote in a newspaper or magazine or more »

Check out this great article by Craig Goldenfarb, Esq.!

The Potential is Shocking; Wrongful Death and Personal Injury Litigation Involving the Use or Non-use of AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) During Sudden Cardiac Arrest I. Introduction to this Developing Area of Civil Litigation In 1990, the American Heart Association challenged the medical device industry to develop a state of the art AED capable of being more »

How to Educate the Jury about the Burden of Proof Before the Trial

For jurors, the burden of proof in a civil action is a mystery. The vast majority of jurors have no idea what the civil burden of proof is, as they are only familiar with the criminal standard (i.e., beyond a reasonable doubt). And by the time the jurors reach the end of the trial, they’ve more »

How to Avoid Social Media Landmines

Just days away from a huge trial, you’re scrambling to prepare for trial and you’re convinced that you’re on the verge of winning the biggest trial of your career. Then your case implodes. Your trusty paralegal brings social media posts of your client selling her services as a prostitute. The social media posts are worse more »

How to Protect Your Settlement from Medicare

Happiness is in the air when you settle the cases. High fives, smiles and good will are everywhere, but then your trusty paralegal reminds you that there is a HUGE Medicare lien. This puts a major damper on your celebration party. Your mind is racing with thoughts about challenging the Medicare lien, but it might more »

How a Lawsuit Can Ruin Your Clients (…and What You Can Do to Avoid It)

Winning a big injury case may not be everything that your clients expected. Sudden wealth—whether from a settlement, inheritance or lottery—isn’t all that’s it’s cracked up to be. About 70% of people who win a lottery or get a big windfall actually end up broke within 7 years, according to the National Endowment for Financial more »

Discovering the Forbidden Secrets of Electronic Medical Records

When it comes to medical records, you never get what you ask for. With rare exception, the hospital (or doctors’ office) will send you an incomplete set of medical records, despite your clear request for the “entire” medical records. And an incomplete set of medical records can be a major problem. Let’s say you make more »