“Everything you’ve been told about building
an injury law practice is wrong”


How to (Almost) Go Inside the Jury Deliberation Room

You see your case through rose-colored lenses and overlook the warts. But jurors won’t be nearly as kind and on the day of the verdict, you’re stunned by the jurors’ arbitrary and whimsical views. You’re shocked that the jurors’ view of the evidence is completely different from your own and you’re tempted to write off more »

Reserve Your Spot NOW for the Mastermind Experience on November 17th

Ever thought what it would be like to pick the minds of some of the most successful lawyers in the country? Ever wonder what it would be like to get feedback and collaborate with the top lawyers in the country on your biggest marketing and management challenges? By joining the Mastermind Experience, you can leverage more »

Marketing Your Law Firm Like No One Else

Lawyers are copycat marketers. If the big-name law firm has a garish billboard advertisement shouting “I’ll fight for you”, then maybe you should have one too, right? Au contraire, my friend. Copycat marketing is an almost certain path to mediocrity. Perhaps you’re looking for a unique marketing strategy that is dignified, enhances the image of more »

How to Build Trust and Credibility in a Cynical World

To strangers, you are just another suit. For the most part, consumers (including jurors) have a negative perception of lawyers, and even your warm smile, charming personality and good looks won’t change a thing. The odds are stacked against you before you say “hi”. But there’s one thing that can build instant credibility and trust more »

5 Tips for Eliminating the Cost of Medical Records

One of the biggest (and unnecessary) expenses of personal injury litigation is the cost of medical records.  Most plaintiffs’ lawyers request a complete set of medical records for all dates of treatment and get exorbitant invoices for the photocopy fees from third-party contractors. The photocopy fees for medical records can amount to a small king’s more »

The Best Thing You Will Ever Do in Your Career

Most lawyers just don’t understand. There’s only so far you can go alone—all of the books and seminars can only get you so far. The properly led small group of like-minded lawyers (a/k/a “mastermind”) is hands down the best method for achieving success. There’s just something powerful about sitting face to face with other top more »

A Lesson in Life from My College Roommate

It always seemed awkward when it happens. Sharing a few laughs and a meal at a restaurant with my college roommate, Steve, was always fun until it came time to get the check. If the waitress was halfway cute, Steve would ask for her phone number right in front of a small group of friends. more »

How to Prevent Your Clients’ Financial Ruin

When that fat settlement check arrives in the mail, your clients can’t wait to get their hands on it. Your clients have dreams of a Porsche 911, mini-mansions for their kids and mother and might even toss in a yacht for their down-on-his-luck uncle. You’re getting paid no matter, so everyone’s happy, right? Not so more »

How to Educate Your Clients about their Deposition

What are the things you do repeatedly at your law firm? For trial lawyers, we prepare our clients for their depositions and each time, we do this almost exactly the same way. There’s a good chance you’ve met with clients to prepare them for their deposition hundreds (if not thousands) of times. What if you more »

7 Steps to Becoming a Media Darling

When you brag about your huge verdicts and settlements, you are boring. No one cares about you (except your parents, kids and spouse and they might not even care). But when a newspaper, magazine, blog or TV station recognizes your authority, you have instant credibility. Even a small quote in a newspaper or magazine or more »