“Everything you’ve been told about building
an injury law practice is wrong”

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A Hard Story to Tell

On the day that I was fired from a nationally prominent catastrophic injury law firm on June 2, 2010 (yes, I will always remember the exact date), I didn’t know where to turn. Even my co-workers and friends at the firm politely declined when I asked for their help moving my stuff out of my more »

The Secret to Building a Multi-Million $ Injury Law Firm

Injury lawyers face the same dilemma. You want the catastrophic injury cases with strong liability and tons of insurance coverage, but you feel compelled to accept slip and fall and soft-tissue motor vehicle wreck claims. You don’t think you’ll get the huge cases without taking the small ones that pay the bills. Sound familiar? There’s more »

The Brutal Truth about Lawyer Marketing

Lawyers copy each other’s marketing tactics and figure that they should do what every other lawyer is doing in their town. WRONG! If you copy every other lawyer, you will be just like them: fighting for scraps and wondering where you will get your next case. What if you thought outside the box and spent more »

The Universe at Your Fingertips…One Tweet at a Time

On Twitter, you are just one Tweet from getting noticed. On Twitter, a lawyer can make it her mission to find all the right people in the media, e.g., bloggers, TV and radio producers, news reporters of legal publications, etc. Four Steps for Building Relationships with Influencers Do this—search, click, investigate and DM. Direct message more »

A Nightmare on Elk Street

If I could have crawled under the counsel’s table or magically disappeared, I would have. Unfortunately, neither was an option. My star expert witness is doing his best to answer questions about his notes and emails during cross-examination. The defense lawyer asks about each note in painfully slow fashion. Mr. Defense Lawyer asks the “star” more »

Livestreaming Your Ass Off

There is nothing lawyers do worse than social media. Trial lawyers boast about their big settlement or verdict and their 5k Facebook friends collectively roll their eyes. Here’s the problem: no one cares about you (except possibly your spouse). Bragging is boring, so how do you build a herd of raving fans who will crave more »

How to Create Entrepreneurial-Minded Associates

It is the classic mistake made by law firms. The principals are the rainmakers and the associates do the grunt work (e.g., depositions, trials, etc.) There’s just one problem: this doesn’t work. If only a few lawyers are bringing in the business, the law firm is dependent on only a few lawyers to survive. Every more »

A Question that Can Change Your Life

When you change your habits, you change your life. But the rest of the world rarely cooperates with your grand plans, as you get bombarded with distractions and interruptions throughout the day. It doesn’t have to be this way. Change does not happen without accountability. When you know that you have to report your progress more »

The (Almost) Foolproof System for Fixing Mistakes

Whenever you have a big settlement or verdict, it’s party time. There’s plenty of love in the air and high fives…but little is accomplished. There’s nothing wrong with an occasional celebration, but your goal should be to make small, incremental improvements in your law firm, ideally every day. Rather than focusing on your success, focus more »

A Holiday Gift that Your Referral Partners Will Never Forget

When it comes to holiday gifts, lawyers think alike. Whether it is a box of nuts or a fruit basket, the holiday gifts are pretty much the same. Boring! Hey, the thought was good, but the gift gets added to a pile of goodies and quickly forgotten. What if you had a holiday gift that more »