"Everything you've been told about building
an injury law practice is wrong"

What’s Your Dream?

You happen to run into a former classmate from law school in court and after catching up you ask, “How’s everything going with the firm?”  The answer is almost always the same, “It pays the bills.”  It seems as though many of us are on the same career paths: pay the bills, put the kids through college, retire to Florida and fade into the sunset.  But is this really all there is to life?

When Did You Stop Dreaming?

At one time or another, you had big dreams.  As a child, nothing could stop you from achieving your dreams, but a funny thing happened: life got in the way—that’s right, bills to pay, a mortgage and kids to put through college.  At some point, we all stopped dreaming…and that’s a damn shame.

Long ago, you cast aside your big dreams and they’re left behind in the recess of your mind while you focus on just getting through the workday. Yes, your life is okay, but you know it could be a helluva lot better.  And just maybe now it’s time to dust off those childhood dreams, write them down, put specific deadlines on them and begin making them a reality.

“The pursuit of dreams creates passion, energy, enthusiasm and vitality.”

Matthew Kelly, The Dream Manager

So, what are your dreams?  Write the top five of your personal and professional dreams—think big, but don’t be unrealistic.  You want to make your dreams difficult to achieve, but not impossible.

Transforming Your Law Firm with Dreams

And just think, what is the #1 thing you can do to make your employees happy?  Higher salary or a longer vacation?  Guess again! The most powerful motivator in your arsenal is APPRECIATION.  Your team members will walk through fire for you if you show honest, genuine appreciation for their work—telling your staff “good job” is nice, but it’s just a start.

“There is little that people won’t do if they feel genuinely appreciated.”

Matthew Kelly, The Dream Manager

A far more powerful motivator is taking an interest in your team members’ dreams.  Take time to sit down with your employees to ask about their personal and professional goals—there’s a good chance you have no clue what they are and they will love that, for the first time, you’re taking an interest in their dreams.

Hire a Dream Manager to Manage Dreams

Now go one step further: hire a life coach to meet with your team members to discuss their dreams and set up a plan to achieve them.  I know, I know, many of you don’t believe in such a thing as a “life coach”, but who could be better to collaborate with your employees about their dreams.

Your team members should not be forced to dream—a meeting with a life coach is optional and a benefit of their employment. And sure, some will balk and just want to return to their desk, but once they see the impact that this is having upon the other employees, they might change their mind.

Your employees will have a renewed appreciation and enthusiasm for their work once you show interest in their dreams and the ultimate beneficiaries will be you and your clients.