"Everything you've been told about building
an injury law practice is wrong"

The Most Important Thing You Should Do for Your Lawyer Website

The #1 goal of a lawyer website (or any website for that matter) is simple: you want to build a herd of raving fans who love what you do and want to hear everything you’ve got to say.  Diehard fans who will share your blog posts, FAQ’s and articles with their friends, “like” your Facebook posts, and tell everyone how wonderful you are.

But building a fan base (your “herd”) is tough in today’s society of instant gratification.  Visitors to your website come and go in a blink of the eye and chances are they’re not coming back. It’s next to impossible to grab, and keep, a website visitor’s attention and get them to come back to your website.

A Basic Solution for Building a Raving Fan Base

There is a solution that is quick, easy and almost no one is doing. On every page of your website, you should offer an opt-in box (a plug-in that your webmaster can add to your website in the click of a button) that asks visitors to provide their first name and email address in return for your email newsletter.  Your email newsletter is free and will be emailed to your fan-base whenever you have new content to share from your website.

Statistics show that an email newsletter will:

  • Drive more visitors to your website (“web traffic”),
  • Get more visitors to share and “like” your content on social media, and
  • Increase the number of links to your website.

With an email newsletter, you’re building a list of fans that want your information and will share it with their friends. You’re building your herd into a group of raving fans who receive emails from you regularly and begin bonding with you (as if they know you).

Forget Your Lame Excuses

You don’t have to do more work to create an email newsletter—just re-purpose the content you already have. If you have a physical newsletter, you can convert the newsletter into an email newsletter. If you have a blogger creating new blog posts for your website, you can use that content for your email newsletter.

There’s no limit to the amount of content that you already have that can be re-purposed for your email newsletter.  There’s a good chance that the content for your email newsletter already exists—you’re just not using it.

And here’s the beauty of an email newsletter: you’re not just praying that visitors come back to your website—you’re sending them a special invitation, i.e., email, every time you post new content on your website.  Your emails are welcomed by your fan base and you are slowly and surely building a list of committed fans (your “herd”) that want your great information…and just might hire you some day.