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The Anatomy of a Killer Lawyer Video

(How you can CRASH the YouTube Party and turn your Website into a Client Magnet)

It’s impossible to deny: Lawyer videos on the web are crap.  The Internet is crammed pack of just one lawyer talking head after another talking about their big courtroom victories—the bravado of lawyers is shameless.  But consumers don’t care about you and they sure as hell aren’t paying attention to the “talking head” lawyer videos on the web.

But you can’t be blamed for all of the horrible lawyer video on the internet. Your webmaster doesn’t care about creating killer video for your website—they just care about taking your money!  So when it comes time to shoot the first videos for your website, the only guidance you get from your webmaster is, “Tell us about yourself?”  Not much bang for the buck, is it?

Webmasters are Clueless About Content for Lawyer Videos

Your webmaster will toss around fancy internet jargon to impress you and show you lawyer videos with fancy flash animation and award-winning logos.  More than half of the internet jargon might as well be Chinese to you and you figure you’re just a lawyer and you want to leave the internet stuff to the experts.  But here’s the problem: 95% of the so-called “experts” (a/k/a your high-priced webmaster) don’t know diddly about the content for lawyer video that will convert prospects into clients and put money in your bank account.

So the next time your webmaster asks you to shoot a video about your big courtroom victories or settlements, what law school you attended or how you were just selected to Super Lawyers for the fourth straight year, you should say these words, “YOU’RE FIRED!”

How to Create Killer Lawyer Videos for your Website

In a crowded marketplace full of lawyers screaming, “I’m the greatest”, what can you do to differentiate the lawyer videos on your website from the pack?  The answer: BE DIFFERENT!

You begin by writing content for the video; and no, we’re not talking about a script—scripts suck!  When you use a script for video and read from a teleprompter your viewers can just tell you reading from a script—it’s far better to go without a script, be yourself and make mistakes.  Mistakes are great for lawyer videos—in fact, your video bloopers will make you human and credible and help you come across as a real human being.  All of a sudden your lawyer videos are unlike anything else on the vast internet…and you’re getting a few laughs to boot.

The Best Place to get Started

Before you start shooting video for your website, write down the ten questions that clients ask you the most.  Guess what?  Now you’ve got content for the first ten videos for your website.  The questions might range from, “How long do I have to sue?” or “How much is my case worth?”  You know the questions that are being asked better than anyone and you can answer them in your sleep.

So you start by writing the ten most frequently asked questions (hell, you can write 10-15 questions just about the statute of limitations) and then write the answers to the ten questions that your client should be asking you.  Now, you’ve got content for 20 videos…and it’s time to shoot the video.

By writing the content for the video in advance, you won’t be “winging it” when you show up to record your videos and you can add the text to the description of the video on your website. You’ll know exactly what you want to talk about and the answers you are going to give.  Now you’re all set to have some fun with a productive video shoot.

And you’re videos shouldn’t be a documentary—just 60 second video clips will do.  Remember, the attention span of consumers is ultra-limited and you need to get to the point fast (no more than 2 minutes) and don’t pitch or sell anything.  If consumers want to you call you with their case, your contact information will be shown at the bottom of the screen.

Your Webmaster Will Never Tell You This

Now, I know this is contrary to what your high-priced webmaster will tell you, but have fun with your video, be real (most importantly, be yourself) and don’t be afraid of verbal hiccups and mistakes. Consumers will love seeing the “real” you, even if your video is not picture-perfect.

Now you’re connecting with prospective clients and they’re getting to know and like you…even though you’ve never met them. Once the video is uploaded to your website or YouTube channel, consumers from everywhere have instant access to you and if your video provides helpful, valuable information, consumers will love you for it.  This is the beauty of the internet—you can expand the scope of your reach far beyond your local community to the rest of your state, and even the country and beyond.

How to Convert Prospects to Clients

This is where (almost) all lawyers screw things up.  It’s not enough just to have educational, informative lawyer videos that answer all of the questions inside the mind of the consumers.  You need to have “bait”—some free offer that is available only for a limited time and will be sent to the consumer immediately if they contact you.

The free offer can be a book, audio CD or DVD—it doesn’t matter, but you must have a free compelling gift that you give to consumers in exchange for their name, address and email.  Ben Glass, Esq. has a great “Call to Action” on his lawyer videos: “Download the 5-Step Blueprint for Hiring the Right Lawyer for your Case”. This is world-class bait that gets consumers to stop their internet search and initiate contact with Ben Glass, Esq.  What you’re doing with the free “bait” is getting the consumer to stop their internet search and contact you right away—it’s that simple.

Great, you say, what the hell do you want with the name, address and email of your viewers?  This is where you put the power of a nurture campaign to work; you automate the process of follow up with consumers who contact you through a series of email, text messages and direct mail.

Over a 365 day period, your multi-media follow up campaign is providing a series of educational emails, direct mail and texts to your prospective clients so you’re staying “top of mind” with them. Now you’re following up with consumers in your sleep with absolutely no work on your end (BTW: Infusionsoft is an amazing company in Arizona that will automate the follow up “nurture” campaigns for each stage of client acquisition).

Spreading the Word Everywhere

Great lawyer video shouldn’t be confined just to your website.  For every video you upload to your website you should automatically upload them to your YouTube channel, i.e., a dedicated YouTube channel that has all of your videos.  Remember, you want to spread your reach as far as possible and if you’re just putting video on your website, you’ll be leaving a lot on the table.

Start by creating a YouTube channel (it takes less than 5 minutes) and then make one video, right now! Now, I know there isn’t a single person who will do this, but YouTube is absolutely massive and if your videos aren’t on YouTube you’re missing out big-time. You can create a customized URL for your YouTube channel that contains your name or law firm (my YouTube channel is www.youtube.com/fishermalpracticelaw).

Engage and interact with others on YouTube and you will drive new visitors and traffic to your videos.  Just like social media, the key to success on YouTube is engaging in every relevant conversation you can and working like crazy to add value through commenting on other lawyer videos of “YouTubers” in your legal specialty.

The Ultimate Antidote to the Lawyer Talking Head Videos

Now, I know it goes against your instincts to just give away all of the secrets and valuable information in your head and stop screaming, “I’m the greatest lawyer in the world”.  But there is a far more effective way to show lawyers that you are “the best”: client testimonials. Let’s face it: consumers don’t trust you, but they trust Joe Six-Pack when he says you’re the best lawyer.

Client testimonials are gold—now, you’re not yelling at the top of your lungs about your huge settlements and verdicts.  Instead, your clients are doing the heaving lifting for you.  Your clients are telling real stories how you solved complex legal issues for them—hell, you saved them and their family from catastrophe and they want the world to know.  Social proof (a/k/a client testimonials) is the smart way that lawyers show the world how good they are.

But lawyers don’t use client testimonials (at least 97% don’t) and it’s a huge mistake.  Stop bragging about yourself and let your clients do the bragging for you.  If you get a big settlement, ask your clients for a brief video when they sign the settlement statement—90% of them will be happy to. Now, you’ve got a great video that you can upload to your website, your YouTube channel and across the video-dominated globe.

Drop-Dead Proof that Lawyer Videos Work

I know what you’re thinking: “Around here, we don’t do lawyer video on the internet”.  Of course you don’t and that’s fine, but aren’t you interested in getting new clients and making money? Gerry Oginski, Esq., a medical malpractice lawyer in Great Neck, New York, is the top lawyer video expert in the country and he’s built a video empire with simple, easy-to-understand informative videos that drive new cases to him every single day.

Here’s your homework assignment: watch a couple of Gerry’s videos or better yet, subscribe to Gerry’s YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/user/lawmed1. If you want to watch the best lawyer videos on the planet, there’s no more guesswork—Gerry will show you. BTW: I have a podcast interview of Gerry Oginski on The Ultimate Practice Builder for New York Injury Lawyers—you can listen for free on iTunes or click the icon for The Ultimate Practice Builder for New York Injury Lawyers on ultimateinjurylaw.com.

Building Trust with 8,000+ Consumers with just 93 Seconds of your Time

Gerry Oginski, Esq.’s videos are recorded in his office, and even in his living room and beachfront condo in the Caribbean, and you might think, “That doesn’t look very professional”. But Gerry is recording video for consumers—not for you, and consumers don’t care if the video was recorded in his garage. Trust me, no one is doing lawyer video better than Gerry.

Gerry makes informative videos like, “What is Sepsis?”, that drive injury victims and new cases to him.  The “What is Sepsis?” video is 93 seconds and was uploaded to YouTube on October, 7, 2009.  Hard to believe, but this single video has had 8,865 views—how’s that for building trust with over 8,000 consumers with just 93 seconds of your time in front of a camera?  This single video is an asset that Gerry will have for getting new clients for his entire career.

Video marketing is the best face-to-face conversation you can have with your audience, without even being there.

Jim Folliard, Gearshift TV

Every new video is like a mini-website that gobbles up space on the first page of Google and pushes your competitors’ websites off the first page of Google.  Just by adding 10-20 videos to your website, your website will get an instant boost in the search engine rankings and number of unique website visits (remember Google loves video—that’s why it bought YouTube). Yes, even if you only add just 5-10 videos to your website, you will be far ahead of almost every other lawyer in your town.

Lawyer Video made Brain-Dead Easy

There’s a good chance you can shoot a video RIGHT NOW with your smart phone and upload the video to YouTube.  It only takes a couple of minutes. If you want to have lawyer video, but you want something a little more professional for your website, you can shoot the video at our green screen studio in uptown Kingston (a green screen is a screen that allows us to superimpose any image we want in the background behind you, i.e., your law firm logo and phone number, text questions, still photographs).

The Kingston Video Studio for Lawyers was created by award-winning videographer, Jim Folliard (formerly the videographer for the Washington Redskins), and we have everything you need from the video equipment, lights and editing.  Our expert video editor can add text, music, still photographs and images to every video, and we can create a customized YouTube channel for you and create thumbnail images for each video.  All you need to do is show up!

How to get Five FREE Videos for your Website NOW

Try us out! If you want to shoot video at The Kingston Video Studio for Lawyers, your first five videos are FREE. This includes the video recording, editing of the video and uploading the video to your website and YouTube channel.  What have you got to lose?

If you want to schedule a video shoot, call my paralegal, Corina Skidmore, at 845-802-0047, or send her an email at cskidmore@fishermalpracticelaw.com, to schedule a time that fits around your schedule. Yes, we even do evening and weekend video shoots, so you have no more excuses.

Let us help you crash the YouTube party and start getting cases with video marketing!

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