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Breathing New Life into a Run-of-the Mill Neck Injury Case

Need to breathe life into your run-of-the-mill neck or back injury case?  How about an interactive DVD that allows you to show the herniated disc from multiple angles and allows your medical expert to zoom in to show the injury in as much detail as she wants?  And here’s the cool part, this is not a demonstrative medical illustration, but an interactive DVD based upon your client’s actual MRI or CT scan.

Authentic 3-D (www.authentic3d.com) will create the interactive DVD for you in 72 hours (with their team of 15 radiologists) with a guarantee of admissibility at trial.  All you need to do is send the MRI or CT scan to Authentic 3D and 72 hours later, you’ve got a killer courtroom exhibit.

So you’re thinking this will cost you an arm and a leg.  Not quite.  Authentic 3-D charges a flat fee of $750 for the interactive DVD.  Where else can you get a unique, interactive DVD based upon the actual imaging studies with a 72 hour turn-around time for $750? Try taking a test-drive of this new courtroom exhibit with a 30-minute video demo from Authentic 3D.