"Everything you've been told about building
an injury law practice is wrong"

Link-Building for Maniacs!

Links to your website are critical to the search engines.  The search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) have algorithms that judge your website by the number of inbound links, i.e., websites that are linking to a page of your website.  Links build the authority of your website with the search engines and increase web traffic and the ranking of your website on Google.

But how do you get people to link to your website? ASK.  But a far more effective way to build links to your website is to provide a testimonial/review for your favorite vendors and ask them to put your review on their website. 90% of them will be glad to put your review (and a link to your website) on their website.

Anchor Text is Critical for Links

You want to make sure the link contains “anchor text” containing your keywords.  The “anchor text” is the text of the link itself.  Anchor text such as “New York car accident lawyer” is good, but anchor text that read “Contact us” or “Click here” are worthless.  The anchor text of the links is by far the most important part of link building.

Begin by checking the # of links to your website. Go to Yahoo Site Explorer, enter your URL and you’ll get a complete list of the # of websites and the names of the websites that link to your website.  Next, think of the vendors who make the most money from you—these are the companies/people who are most likely to give you links. Now that you’ve got a link-building plan, it’s time to get the links!