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Question: Why you should (almost) never agree to a structured annuity as part of an injury settlement?


With perhaps one exception, structured settlement annuities SUCK!

Structured settlement annuities have a fixed rate of return for the life of the annuity and they remain at historically low levels (1-2%) for the lifetime of the annuity.  Structured settlement annuities cannot be changed or sold to capitalize on increasing interest rates.  You are nuts to place settlement money in a structured settlement annuity!

In my view, it is borderline legal malpractice to agree to a structured settlement annuity in light of today’s ridiculously low interest rates with one exception, i.e., brain damaged baby with a greatly reduced life expectancy.

So how can you invest settlement money in way that gives you flexibility to cash in when interest rates go up?  A laddered bond portfolio consisting of government, municipal and treasury bonds and certificates of deposit with different maturity dates, i.e., one bond matures in one year, another in three years and others in five years. By staggering the maturity dates of the fixed income investments, the injury victim will not be locked into one bond for a long duration.

With a laddered bond portfolio, the injury victim has greater access to the funds for emergencies and the risk of a bond default can be spread among many bond issuers. Most importantly, an injury victim can take advantage of increasing interest rates with a laddered bond portfolio.

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