“Everything you’ve been told about building
an injury law practice is wrong”


How to Write a Best Selling Book for Lawyers

Alone in a cramped, musky motel room in Virginia, I get a phone call from a trusted referral partner. My referral partner gets right to the point by saying, “I’ve got a new case for you.”  The new case has everything: clear liability and massive damages; there is only one problem: I am in Virginia more »

What I Learned in Africa

As our SUV made its way through pothole streets in a shanty town in Namibia, the thought occurred to me, “Something’s not quite right.”  We passed cardboard houses patched together by tape and string and children playing soccer with a small ball in the rock-strewn muddy street. The “homes” had no water, sewage or electricity, more »

The Easiest Business Development Strategy

This is the easiest business development strategy that will generate new [and returning] business in the shortest amount of time.  Develop an exhaustive list of every client you have represented in the past. Each week, i.e., on the weekend when you are planning your coming week, list 10 to 15 names and phone numbers of more »

How to Make the Perfect Pitch for Free Press

There’s nothing like free press.  Whether it’s print, TV, radio or even online—when you are in the media spotlight, you’re a star.  Your friends scratch their heads wondering how you got the celebrity spotlight on local TV or a guest column in the newspaper. There are secrets to getting free press. And it begins with a more »

How to Create a Powerful Mastermind of Your Peers

After walking off the stage to a thunderous applause, the public speaker approaches Tony Robbins and asks a question which he has struggled to answer, “Tony, I don’t get it. I do the same things you do, but you make 8-figures and I make 7-figures. What am I doing wrong?” Tony Robbins asks, “Who do you more »

A Kinder, More Compassionate Way to Evaluate Employees

 Employees find evaluations demeaning. Employees begrudgingly sit through the employee evaluation, nod their head in seeming agreement with your critique and leave the meeting wanting to kill you. This, my friend, is counterproductive. Employee evaluations should help your employee—not antagonize them.  It’s not about judging—you should provide kind and caring counseling.   But how can you compassionately more »

The Intake System that Works When You Sleep

 When you speak with a new client, everything’s copacetic.  The client is happy, you’re excited to have the new case and everything seems just wonderful  Then, with time, things start to change. Your client doesn’t hear from your staff and they have no idea what you’re doing.  A few phone messages aren’t returned and before more »


 A friend asks for my opinion whether he should buy the million $ house of his dreams. The dream house has everything my friend has always wanted and he can afford it. Without hesitating, I respond with an unequivocal, “No”.  Seemingly surprised by my quick response, my friend asks for an explanation. Of course, my friend more »

Winning the Game of Pay Per Click

 For most lawyers, pay per click (PPC) is about making a quick buck. You give the marketing company your credit card and carte blanche to charge and anxiously wait for your PPC ads to bring new clients.  But over the first 6 months of the new PPC campaign, your phone doesn’t ring and you scratch more »

How to Manage a Law Firm for Profit

How to Manage a Law Firm for Profit

You got into law for a noble purpose: you want to help people. And that’s a beautiful thing, but you can’t help people if you can’t pay your bills. Yet, most lawyers refuse to acknowledge a simple fact: you are running a business and profit is your #1 goal. Knowing your numbers and getting into a more »