“Everything you’ve been told about building
an injury law practice is wrong”


The Board of Trusted Advisors for Your Law Firm

There is only one way to describe the Mastermind Experience: It’s like having a board of trusted advisors for your law firm. Whenever you have a crucial decision to make, e.g., forming a partnership, switching to a new case management software or making a hiring or firing decision, etc., you’ve got a group of elite more »

Taking the Mystery Out of Settlements for Your Clients

When a case settles, your client asks the same question: “When will I get my money?” Wouldn’t it be nice if you only had to ask that question a single time…for all of your clients? From the beginning of your representation, explain every phase of the lawsuit, including settlement, in a welcome “Shock & Awe” more »

5 Tips for Building a Speaking Empire

Marketing guru, Dan Kennedy, once said that all forms of marketing are equally good. While I love Dan Kennedy, I have to say, he’s dead wrong! No form of marketing comes close to public speaking for building credibility, authority and celebrity-status. Before you even step on the stage, you have the complete attention and admiration more »

Everything You Should Know for Your Day of Independence

The first day that your law firm is open is your Independence Day. This is the most exciting day in any lawyer’s career, but also the scariest. For the first time, you won’t have a paycheck waiting for you at the end of the week and your success will be decided by one thing, your more »

What Makes the Maximum Lawyer Conference ’18 Different

Almost every seminar is the same. The speakers are promoted as a one-of-a-kind “expert”, but most of them have never actually done what they preach. Truth be told, these “experts” might be decent speaking from the stage, but they haven’t accomplished a damn thing in the real world. And that’s why you can take everything more »

Little Things that Make a World of Difference

Every lawyer wants the shiny new object in marketing. The shinier, the better. But the fancy, new marketing toy inevitably disappoints and you end up back at the drawing board. Truth is, nothing works better than old school marketing. So, let’s brush off the marketing toolbox and go back to basics. These little tips can more »

The Secret Weapon for Marketing Your Law Firm

At a partners’ meeting at my former catastrophic injury law firm, one of the senior partners asks about my plan to write a book for lawyers. Unsure how the idea would be received, I tell the partners about my plan for a book with my best tips for marketing and managing a plaintiffs’ injury law more »

5 Cost Cutting Tips for a Trial Lawyer

Running a plaintiffs’ personal injury law firm is damn expensive. By the time you get a case to trial, you might be hoping for a settlement just to pay off the case expenses. Been there, done that. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Here are our top 5 tips for cutting the costs more »

How to Say Goodbye to an Employee

June 2nd, 2010 was the day I was fired from the only job I ever wanted. The day seemed like any other with no sign of trouble, but then I was called into a meeting with the senior partners, who broke the news, “John, it’s time we part ways.” After clearing out my office and more »

A Hard Story to Tell

On the day that I was fired from a nationally prominent catastrophic injury law firm on June 2, 2010 (yes, I will always remember the exact date), I didn’t know where to turn. Even my co-workers and friends at the firm politely declined when I asked for their help moving my stuff out of my more »