“Everything you’ve been told about building
an injury law practice is wrong”


My Lifetime of Failure

This was one meeting I did not want to attend. After a string of defense verdicts, my new law firm’s prospects were bleak. Our line of credit was maxed out (as well as my credit cards) and there were no “A” cases on the horizon for trial.  Things could not have looked worse, but I more »


You’ve heard the expression a million times about internet marketing: content is king. Yesterday’s news, right? But creating educational content on your website is not the only thing that Google wants–search engine optimization (SEO) consists of CONTENT plus LINKS from authoritative websites. Who links to your site and how they link to it are more more »

Why Failure is Good

4 years ago (October 19, 2013), we created a wildly ambitious marketing goal (a/k/a our “Mission”). We realized that our highest value cases (and biggest legal fees) came from cases referred by lawyers. Rather than wasting time on marketing to the consumers via conventional marketing tactics, i.e., TV, radio, digital ads, we spent every dollar more »

How Lawyers Hunt for Whales

In the movie, “Godfather”, the Consigliere is asked about his law practice and he responds, “I have a special practice—I handle one client.” The Consigliere makes an important point: if you have just one client who sends you a steam of referrals of high value cases on a regular basis, you don’t need anything else. more »

How to Prepare Your Client for Trial

Your clients have no idea what to expect at trial. A trial can be very intimidating and scary for your clients, and many will ask you to settle just to avoid a trial. This creates a problem—the defendants’ settlement offer is either non-existent or sucks and you don’t want to settle for a fraction of more »

How to Give the Speech of Your Life

There are only two rules of public speaking: BE REAL and TELL A PERSONAL STORY. A personal story creates an instant bond and rapport with the audience. By starting out with a personal story, you’re opening up to the audience and connecting with them on an emotional level. What’s nonnegotiable is that your presentation needs more »

How to Limit the Costs of Expert Witnesses

Expert witnesses cost a fortune. For some “experts”, personal injury litigation is their full-time occupation. Some expert witnesses spend 30-40 hours reviewing file materials at a rate of $500 per hour (or higher), and you get the shock of your life when you get their first invoice for $19k. This cannot happen. When you first more »

How to (Almost) Go Inside the Jury Deliberation Room

You see your case through rose-colored lenses and overlook the warts. But jurors won’t be nearly as kind and on the day of the verdict, you’re stunned by the jurors’ arbitrary and whimsical views. You’re shocked that the jurors’ view of the evidence is completely different from your own and you’re tempted to write off more »

Reserve Your Spot NOW for the Mastermind Experience on November 17th

Ever thought what it would be like to pick the minds of some of the most successful lawyers in the country? Ever wonder what it would be like to get feedback and collaborate with the top lawyers in the country on your biggest marketing and management challenges? By joining the Mastermind Experience, you can leverage more »

Marketing Your Law Firm Like No One Else

Lawyers are copycat marketers. If the big-name law firm has a garish billboard advertisement shouting “I’ll fight for you”, then maybe you should have one too, right? Au contraire, my friend. Copycat marketing is an almost certain path to mediocrity. Perhaps you’re looking for a unique marketing strategy that is dignified, enhances the image of more »