“Everything you’ve been told about building
an injury law practice is wrong”


The Power Of A System made it to the Best Law Firm Books of All Time

I’m happy to announce that my book, “The Power Of A System: How To Build the Injury Law Practice of Your Dreams”, made it to BookAuthority’s Best Law Firm Books of All Time. BookAuthority collects and ranks the best books in the world, and it is a great honor to get this kind of recognition. Thank more »

Why Lawyers Should Never Pay for Paper Medical Records

January 23, 2020 was a very bad day for lawyers.  On this day, a lower federal court in the District of Columbia ruled in Ciox Health, LLC v. Azar, No. 18-CV-00040 (APM) that a patient’s agent/representative (e.g., lawyers) cannot benefit from the limits on fees for electronic medical records that apply to requests made by more »

Why Plaintiff’s Lawyers Must Insist upon Remote Video Depositions

While COVID-19 is a pandemic, it is not a reason to delay remote video depositions.  Lawyers must continue conducting discovery to the maximum extent feasible by permitting proceedings to be conducted using technology, including court conferences and remote video depositions.  During this past week, Judges and lawyers throughout New York have been conducting remote video more »

How to Win Your Next Plaintiff’s Medical Malpractice Case

Here’s a little secret that few medical malpractice lawyers will share with you: the key to winning a plaintiff’s medical malpractice case has nothing to do with your trial skills.  Success hinges on something far different. Your success with a plaintiff’s medical malpractice case depends (almost) entirely on one thing: CASE SELECTION.  Even an incompetent trial more »

The Best System for Communicating with Your Clients

Take a basket and fill them with index cards with the names and phone numbers of former and current clients. Even if you haven’t spoken to a former client in 10 years, put their name and cell phone number on an index card. This basket should be labeled “OUR CLIENTS”. When you go to an appointment, more »

Why the Pandemic is a Great Opportunity for You

With news seeming to get worse every day, it’s tempting to focus on the difficulties facing us. But that serves no purpose.  Keep in mind that almost everyone else is doing the same, and this is going to hurt them. Instead, focus on the opportunities that the pandemic presents.  Now is the time that you can more »

How to Complete Discovery in 12 Weeks

 Our 12 Week Plan identifies every task that must be accomplished over the next 12 weeks and assigns the member of our team who is responsible for each task.   At our weekly goal meetings, we will review the previous week to determine whether the tasks for that week were achieved and review the tasks that must more »

How to Make Sure Prospective Employees Can Do The Work

 When it comes to hiring, interviews and reference checks are meaningless.  The prospective candidate has a phenomenal interview and their background checks pass with flying colors and you’re certain that you’ve found your next superstar employee.  Then, reality strikes. Your new employee comes to the workplace and it quickly becomes apparent they can’t do much of more »

The Secrets of Lawyer-to-Lawyer Referral Based Marketing

 My biggest epiphany as a lawyer? Injury victims are not really our clients—lawyers are. Once I eventually accepted this, life got easier.  We started marketing exclusively to lawyers. Why would anyone create marketing systems to acquire lawyer referrals?  Begin by identifying the source of your highest value cases. That’s right, your best cases are referred by more »

Advocate Capital, the Leader in Case Expense Financing for Plaintiff’s Law Firms, will be the Exclusive Sponsor of the Mastermind Experience

Ever wonder where all of your money goes? Most of your money doesn’t cover overhead or payroll—it’s spent on case expenses. What if you had a partner to pay the case expenses for you and pass on the interest expense to your clients? When it comes to case expense financing for plaintiff’s lawyers, there is no more »