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A Kinder, More Compassionate Way to Evaluate Employees

 Employees find evaluations demeaning. Employees begrudgingly sit through the employee evaluation, nod their head in seeming agreement with your critique and leave the meeting wanting to kill you. This, my friend, is counterproductive. Employee evaluations should help your employee—not antagonize them.  It’s not about judging—you should provide kind and caring counseling.   But how can you compassionately more »

The Intake System that Works When You Sleep

 When you speak with a new client, everything’s copacetic.  The client is happy, you’re excited to have the new case and everything seems just wonderful  Then, with time, things start to change. Your client doesn’t hear from your staff and they have no idea what you’re doing.  A few phone messages aren’t returned and before more »


 A friend asks for my opinion whether he should buy the million $ house of his dreams. The dream house has everything my friend has always wanted and he can afford it. Without hesitating, I respond with an unequivocal, “No”.  Seemingly surprised by my quick response, my friend asks for an explanation. Of course, my friend more »

Winning the Game of Pay Per Click

 For most lawyers, pay per click (PPC) is about making a quick buck. You give the marketing company your credit card and carte blanche to charge and anxiously wait for your PPC ads to bring new clients.  But over the first 6 months of the new PPC campaign, your phone doesn’t ring and you scratch more »

How to Manage a Law Firm for Profit

How to Manage a Law Firm for Profit

You got into law for a noble purpose: you want to help people. And that’s a beautiful thing, but you can’t help people if you can’t pay your bills. Yet, most lawyers refuse to acknowledge a simple fact: you are running a business and profit is your #1 goal. Knowing your numbers and getting into a more »

How to Hire Your Next Superstar

When it comes to hiring, lawyers suck! You hate the process of hiring, avoid it at all costs and let someone else do it. You don’t want to waste your time reviewing resumes and interviewing job candidates, when you’d rather be doing the “real” work of trying cases and meeting new clients. Huge mistake, my more »

Creating a System-Drive Law Firm…One Policy at a Time

Have you ever had a question that is brought up over and over again? You answer the same question, sometimes every week, and you wonder why your team keeps asking the same damn thing. When this happens, you need a policy. A policy (a/k/a system) is a clear instruction from you to your team about more »

Creating the Law Firm of Your Dreams

Picture this scene: A young lawyer is starting a new law firm and he doesn’t know where to start. The young lawyer is full of enthusiasm, but he’s got a limited budget and even less help. The young lawyer begs for help and wants to know, “What should I do first?” An experienced, highly successful more »

A Gentler, More Compassionate Way to Decline New Cases

Letters rejecting new cases are virtually identical. Most rejection letters read, “We cannot represent you and you better find a lawyer before the statute of limitations expires.” This letter serves the purpose of documenting your rejection of the new case, but you are losing a golden opportunity to show kindness, a little compassion and maybe more »

What You Can Expect During Your Lawsuit

To succeed with your lawsuit, we will need your help.  Specifically, we will need your help collecting medical and employment records, preparing for your deposition and trial testimony and getting updates about your medical treatment. Our goal for your lawsuit is simple: we want to get your case to trial as quickly as possible. You more »